My boss is so frustrating! (vent)

I haven't been able to spend any holidays with my family since they moved to Walla Walla in 2006. This year DH promised them that we would spend Christmas with them for a change.DH went in to talk to him about getting the 24th through the 27th of December off so we could visit them. He said the best he could do was get me off at 1pm on the 24th and then we would have to be back on the 26th.I have worked there for 6 years and have worked every Christmas Eve since. I hate the fact that I would have to spend most of my holiday driving the 5 hours to get there. I'm just frustrated because I miss spending the holidays with my family.
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Re: My boss is so frustrating! (vent)

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    Work sucks. I'm sorry! It just seems after 6 years you'd have some sort of pull.
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    I should just go and tell him I have worked every Christmas eve for the past 5 years, please let me have just one off. But I fear that all I'm going to do once I get into his office is break down and cry because I'm so frustrated.
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    I feel ya. I am totally a "cries out of frustration" kind of girl. Sorry about your situation, it totally sucks. I can't imagine Christmas without my family.
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    I do the same thing. Well in most cases. I completely understand.
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    I'm sorry, that really does suck.  I would take a day or so and compose yourself then go talk to him.  Try to be as rational and calm as possible, even though I know that will be difficult.  I tend to get weepy when I'm frustrated as well, so I can relate.
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    See I would just be like, "I'm taking off these days. I've worked Christmas Eve for the past 6 years and not seen my family. I'm going this year. If you think that's worth letting me go over, then do it." But I am a crazy b!tch. =p
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