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One of our guests gave us a check that bounced so we got charged a fine for it and the check didnt clear obviously, not sure how to approach this one! Ignore it and I assume they'll see it when they get notified by their bank that it bounced?

Re: Bounced wedding check gift

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    This happened to us. A close family friend (who was older) had changed banks and forgot she had the check written. Herhusband recently passed away and he usually did the finances.We told my DH uncle (it was his mom) that the account wasclosed at the bank and we weren't concerned about themoney but we wanted to make sure she knew about theclosed account. In the end, she sent us a new check and apologized.So I would say it really depends who it is and how comfortableyou feel talking with them about it.
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    I think it depends how close the person is to you on how you should approach it. If its an close family member or friend, I would just call them to let them know that #1 their check bounced and #2 instead of receiving money, it has cost you money in fees. I would just be upfront. If it was a distant relative, huband's family or guest of someone you may want to have someone else intervene like pp said. I have a friend who received two bounced checks... one from the new SIL and another from the groom's friend. She and/or her husband called them directly and let them know. Not so much to get the money, but to let them know how messed up it is (both likely knew they didnt have the money to cover it).
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    They are going to be notified by their bank. Honestly, I wouldn't say anything. They are most likely going to be very embarrassed, and I wouldn't be comfortable saying anything to them first. Who knows what happened to make the check bounce - let them approach you about it.
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    "Not so much to get the money, but to let them know how messed up it is (both likely knew they didn't have the money to cover it)." That's a bit harsh. I don't know anyone who I would invite to my wedding that would write a check that would bounce on purpose. I agree with Ice, the bank will send a letter to tell them the check bounced. If I was the gift giver I would feel horrible and call you ASAP to apologize.
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    Ditto Ice, they'll figure it out through the bank and will likely be embarrassed. Although I haven't bounced a check, I have overdrawn my debit card by being careless and its the same thing- except they will be embarrassed when it is brought to other people's attention. Sorry.
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