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Florida-South Florida

Ft. Lauderdale Wedding

My fiance and I want to get married in Ft. Lauderdale (my parents live there - we live in Kansas City, MO.) but dont really know where to start. We are thinking of a small ceremony (15) on/near the beach. Heres the one thing we know for sure - we dont want to get married in a very public place. We dont want it to be somewhere that a lot of people would stop and watch. Ideally, I'd like it to be near an open aired room that we could then have a dinner in. Maybe I'm wanting something to specific. If you have any suggestions!!!

Re: Ft. Lauderdale Wedding

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    Look into this place: http://www.seawatchontheocean.com/It'll be hard to make a beach wedding more private, but I think this place might be your best bet. HTH and Congrats!
  • blubuttrfly02blubuttrfly02 member
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    try pelican grand. its a hotel on ft lauderdale with its own stetch of beach....won't be totally private but all that may be watching are hotel guests. They also have a veranda and rooftop gazebo area. HTH
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    I just went to an event at the Bonnet House. It was great! I had never been there and it is beautiful, i am thinking of taking my engagement photos there.
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    Pelican Grande Beach Resort is lovely! I agree with the others that if it's on the beach it will be hard to make it private unless you do it at a private beach club or something but even then, I am not sure you can really stop anyone...
  • hmae_ahmae_a member
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    WOW! all those places are great! I am slowly getting used to the fact that the wedding wont be 100% private but we can all dream right?!Thanks so much for all the advice!!!
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