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Where to find a wedding dress?

Hi All, I am a CT Bride living in New Haven, trying to figure out where to shop for wedding dresses. I have friends gathering in town in a few weeks to help my search and I'm not sure where we should go! My Budget: I call it "reasonable." Less than 1000 Style: As few sequins as possible. Vintage-Inspired would be fun or just something with nicer fabric. I love lace but it can be so expensive! Am looking at shorter dresses as well. Any suggestions of a wedding shop that didn't give you the hives?

Re: Where to find a wedding dress?

  • starrbuk13starrbuk13 member
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    i got mine at the Bridal Mall in Niantic. it's definitely a no-frills shop, wasn't overly thrilled with their customer service, but my dress was only $250 off the rack, so i wasn't going to complain! i thought they had an excellent selection in the under $1000 price range...hth!
  • CTbride79CTbride79 member
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    I ordered mine right from a shop in New Haven...Harold's. Everyone has been very nice and helpful so far, and the first dress they brought out to me was the one I ended up falling in love with! (They have closed inventory so you cannot pick and chose dresses to try on yourself). Another shop I liked was Mariella's...they were also very nice, and will generally only show you dresses in your price range, although they did slip a couple in there that were over about $600 over mine.
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  • banana468banana468 member
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    I'd take a trip to The White Dress By The Shore in Clinton.I was able to buy one of their samples and the cost was below $1000.
  • NicoleMud80NicoleMud80 member
    edited December 2011
    I ordered my dress from Marie's in Fairfield and it was under $1000. They aren't a super fancy shop, but they are very helpful and patient (I went back at least four times to try on my dress). They let you look through the stock yourself, which I liked because I need to know all my options before making a decision. They also made me feel really comfortable that my dress would be in with plenty of time for alterations before my wedding (I ordered the dress in the beginning of October and then said they'd ask for it in by the end of February - my wedding is May 22nd).
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    I got mine at David's bridal - I wasn't crazy about their customer service but I got a dress I love for $400.
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    I got my dress, veil, shoes, crinoline all for just under $1,000 from David's Bridal. I will be taking it elsewhere for alterations, though. ;-)   (All it needs is a bustle anyway - otherwise it fts great thanks to the corset back).
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  • malissa033malissa033 member
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    I 2nd Harold's in New Haven - that's where I got my dress and it was under $1k .... out the door it was in the low $800. The women there are soo friendly and helpful! The only thing I didn't like is while their dressing rooms are HUGE they're really warm.
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    White Dress by the Shore is awesome (in Clinton, CT). I beleive they have a sample sale coming up in the next week that would likely have dresses under $1000.
  • Agey310Agey310 member
    edited December 2011
    I got my dress at April Rose in Guilford and have nothing but good things to say about my experience with them. They have a wide variety of dresses with varying price ranges. HTH
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    I got mine at the bridal trousseau in branford...they have reasonable prices and they are absolutely wonderful!!  They treated me like a princess and I even received a lovely card from the woman who helped me pick my dress.  I have been so happy with them!
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  • acapalboacapalbo member
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    I second the Bridal mall in Niantic. Its about 30 minutes or so from New Haven. I got my dress for $660. It was $100 cheaper than the same dress at RK bridal in NYC. The customer service was great, Tiffany picked out my dress for me. My BM also got a discount too.
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    I did my BM dresses with Classic Brides by Eva in Stratford, and she was so amazing, I wish I had gone to her for my dress too.  Her prices are reasonable, and she includes alterations in the price.  That makes the dresses an even better value, and she was great to work with,
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  • Vikki2payVikki2pay member
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    I got mine at DB, and paid around $650 for it, I went with one of my friends to Bridal Trousseau with a friend this weekend and they have a little bit of everything and their prices were great.
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    I triple the Bridal Mall in Niantic! I loved them and found what I was looking for in my price range (plus the veils, jewerly, and headpiece). I actually found the costumer service really good. I also second Brides by Eva! We got my BM's dresses there and love Eva!!! Though I didn't do my dress there b/c she didn't care much for me to try on in my size and I really wanted to try the dress on before I ordered it....
  • OLJ1010OLJ1010 member
    edited December 2011
    I'm getting my dress from Julie Allen Bridals in Newtown. I love, love, love them. They have a decent selection, and they're incredibly helpful and nice. Patient and not at all pushy (at least the girl who helped me was great!) My dress is about 800, but some I tried on were 600 and less. I went to Harold's too, it is nice and they have a huge selection of off-the-rack samples.
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    I got mine at White Dress by the Shore and they have a decent selection of designer samples. If you want to take a day trip to MA, Vows in Watertown might have what you're looking for. http://www.bridepower.com
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  • rel830rel830 member
    edited December 2011
    I got mine at Stylish Impressions in Farmington. They have a good range of prices (mine was under $600 and I tried on several others under $800) and they will make suggestions for you but you can also go through the dresses yourself and pick what you like, which I really liked.
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    If you don't mind a bit of a drive, The Wedding Embassy in Watertown is awesome.  Megan is so understanding and attentive.  She knew exactly what would look good on me and kept everything in my budget.  I ended up with an Alfred Angelo for 550.
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  • dpantaleonidpantaleoni member
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    I have a friend who recently opened her own shop in South Norwalk CT (right on Washington Street on the second floor).  It's called the bridal bin and she's available by appt nights and weekends.  If you want more info just shoot me an email ([email protected]). SHe has gorgeous dresses and keeps getting more in and it's geared for more personal attention as you will be the only appt when you go.
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    Occasions in Bethel is great! Don't be alarmed by the horrible dresses in the first room, there are some really beautiful wedding dresses in the back! (I got mine for 499!) and I LOVE IT! My best friend also got her dress there, all lace, and it was under 800...we also both ordered our bridesmaids dresses from there....Gayle is AMAZING, such a sweet lady, and so NOT pushy!
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