Engagement Photos - What to wear!!!

Hi Ladies, This board hasn't let me down yet!! My FI and I have our engagement photo shoot on Wednesday. We are taking our photos at Dracena Park and the Lawrence Hall of Science. Any suggestions on what to wear? I feel like I need a personal stylist or something!

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    It depends on what mood you want to set and the location of the shoot  If you are doing pictures at Dracena Park, use relaxed clothes for a playful mood.  I haven't been there, but googling it says that it's a fun park with sand, water and a climbing wall.  While it's geared for children, I'm sure you can "get in the mood" and be playful and create some wonderfully pictures....and memories!  The view from the Lawrence Hall of Science is gorgeous but the setting feels more serious.  Bring a change of clothes for more serious pictures.  Just a suggestion.  Both locations will lend themselves to some great photos!  Have a great time!
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    Just make sure that the two of you don't match too much and make sure you are comfortable enough to sit on the ground and things.

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    For our engagement shoot I put both of our outfits together and then got feedback from some fashion savvy friends of mine. Personally I like brightly colored tops with muted bottoms.  I would say choose something that you would normally wear but dress it up a bit.  You still want it to look like the two of you and reflect your personal style and the interation of the two of you as a couple.  Be yourself and have fun and they'll turn out great.  Might want to consider the weather and the changing season.
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