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We are having a destination wedding in May and having the reception at a later date when we come back. What is the etiquette about having a bridal party at the reception?

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    I'm not sure.  But personally I do not see the point, unless those in the WP were at the at DW.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • I don't know if there is any etiquette about this, but my personal preference as a guest would be to not make the reception exactly like a formal wedding reception.  Your guests didn't just watch a wedding so it seems a bit odd for the DJ to announce a wedding party.For what it's worth, I'm having a destination wedding with an at home reception (most likely).  Our reception will have photo albums of the wedding and we will do cake cutting (because we won't have cake in Bermuda).  But no first dances, toasts, etc... it just doesn't feel right since the wedding will have been several weeks before.
  • I say invite them...they are still your friends or family.  Don't ask your brides maids to wear their dresses unless you are wearing your wedding gown, and don't ask the guys to rent another tux...but they are your friends and family, ask them to come.  they won't feel so oblegated to come if they live out of town or have other things going on because they already saw the most important part.  And they may be able to add a few stories of their own of the day if they do come.
  • We're inviting everyone from the DW to the AHR as a courtesy, though I really, really don't expect my OOT family to make a second trip for it.  The WP will be invited as well, but we're not going to announce them, have them dress up, or anything like that.  They'll just be guests.Our DW is going to have a cocktail reception with no spotlight moments other than the cake cutting, so we're saving all the dances and tosses for the AHR.
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  • Are you asking if you should invite the same BP from your wedding to be BP at the reception or are you asking if you should HAVE a BP for the reception only?
  • The ettiquette is that everyone invited to the wedding should also be invited to the reception. The main purpose of having a WP is to stand up for you at the ceremony. They don't really have any duties at the reception, but of course they should be invited. If they are not invited to the DW ceremony, then you don't need a WP.
  • If you didn't have a bridal party at the destination wedding, then don't choose one for the reception (since the purpose of a bridal party is to have people stand up in your wedding ceremony). If you did have a bridal party at the destination wedding, then you can seat them and their dates at your head table if you wish. Maybe your Best Man/MOH would like to give a toast. I don't know if I'd ask them to wear their outfits again, unless they're all O.K. with that (and if you're re-wearing your wedding dress).
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