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Shower Dress

After weeks of searching I finally found my shower dress yesterday! Picture in bio under Attire. Any suggestions on accessories? What kind and color shoes should I wear?

Re: Shower Dress

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    That's a beautiful dress! And I LOOOOOOOOVE your wedding dress... you're gonna look gorgeous (in both)!
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  • bears4lifebears4life member
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    Both dresses (wedding and bridal shower) are beautiful! You're going to make such a gorgeous bride!!!!
  • murrc2murrc2 member
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    Sara, the dress is adorable.  You could do any bright color shoe and it would look really cute.I just looked at your bio again and I love everything you have!  Your dress is stunning on you, I love all the decor ideas and your invites! You're going to be such a beautiful bride!  You're so close!
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    I LOVE it!!!!!!!
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    Great find!  I looove the detail in the front, the pleating and the sash.  For shoes, you could do a color but I'd keep it a dark color and make sure it's a patent finish, like burgundy or deep purple or blue.  For accessories, minimal.  You see the necklace the model is wearing?  Something like that would be nice or an understated but classic chain with pendant.  You could also pair it up with bold, chunky bracelets, but keep everything else to a minimum.And you look beautiful in  your dress!
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    I love it! I think I'm color blind because is it dark green/blue or black??
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    love it!!!!! and your dress is stunning.I say dark purple/navy pumps - love love love it!Ana gave great suggestions for jewlery!
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    So pretty...I wish I could help with the other stuff but I am not good at that but congrats!
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    Thanks guys!Ana....you are awesome!!! It's dark blue....I'll put it on and take a picture :)
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    LOVE it! Would love fab with a fun colored heel maybe?
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