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Need Help with Bridal Shower Theme!!

My FMIL has a friend that has graciously offered to throw me a bridal shower in September and she has asked me to decide on a theme for the shower!! I've only been to two bridal showers before (both for the same bride) and they weren't themed! I am very lost, I know I don't want a lingerie shower or a couples shower. I told her this and let her know that I just wanted to play games and have fun, but she asked me again to choose a theme, so please help! I don't want her to feel like she has to spend a lot of money, so I'm afraid to send her specific ideas and her feel like she has to use them. I like the dessert/candy ideas, mimosa or drink stations...I'm just really out of my element here and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Need Help with Bridal Shower Theme!!

  • Themes can be anything from simply colors or things that interest you.  My best friend had a travel themed bridal shower because she loves to travel.  We decorated with maps and gave away luggage tags as gifts.

    Another friend wants an alice in wonderland type shower for her theme, you can also do a cooking theme if you like to cook, desserts/candy theme, 

    My other friend we are throwing her a wine themed shower, this one is my fave so far.  We are going to do a wine tasting as an event and there is a cute poem to go along with wine bottle gifts for the bride

    Drink the Champagne first; it is donned inWhite, to celebrate your first married night.

    Next comes the Green one, you must wait to unseal, until you have your first company over for a meal.

    Love as you might you will have your first fight, drink the Black one while making up all night.

    The color Pink will set the mood, and help pave the way, for a very romantic Valentine’s Day.

    There is wine to drink on Christmas Eve before bed, your first one together, that’s why it is Red.

    Now, when your first year of marriage is through, the Purple Anniversary bottle will be there for you.

    Like Gold, your futures are bright, Celebrate promotions, for which you’ve worked hard with all your might.

    By this time, we hope you can drink thePastel one with the news of expecting a new baby.

    And just when you thought you’d put these away, Take the Blue one out for your 5thAnniversary Day.

    Now there is just one more left for the big 25, the Silver Anniversary bottle that will keep your love alive.



    Congratulations to Ashley and Mike, on the start of your forever

    May the two of you always be happily wed

    And remember to share this wine just as we said.

    Hope this helped!!

  • Pick  a color or something that you really enjoy. It doesnt have to be expensive. a theme is something that she will be able to work with to cordonate things with.
  • I threw my sister in law a "pamper the bride" shower. Everyone thought it was nice...though I dunno how I would feel asking for that myself! Haha
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  • Thanks guys!! I asked my FMIL if a decorate your own dessert bar and mimosa bar would be okay, and she suggested I just ask her friend to surprise me, so I did! We'll see what she comes up with!
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