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September 2010 Weddings


Is anyone else getting married on 9/11?

Re: 9/11

  • We are because it was the only date our venue was available. At first I was totally against it because of all the negativity with it but I figured why not turn a negative day into a positive. Plus FI will never forget our anniversary!
  • Yeah we are pretty much in the same situation. We virtually have no competition for anything that day. We had tried to plan so many other things over the last few months that fell through. For one reason or another we kept having wrenches thrown in our plans and ended up getting stuck with this date.I was so against it at first. We even took a survey on facebook to see what people would think about it. Amazingly everyone seemed pretty supportive and said the same thing about putting a positive spin on it. Just cringing over putting the date on the invitation though....
  • We're getting married September 11 as well! It was the first day the hall we wanted was available so we took it. I figure if you look back enough you can find something negative about any day of the year, really!
  • I am a 9/11 bride as well and same as the other girls it was the only day that my venue was open. It took me a LONG time to warm up to it but many ppl that I spoke to had no problem with it and as for the knottie that is having a problem with the date I do not write or say 9/11 for anything wedding related I have been putting the eleventh of september , 11th of September 2010, looks and sounds so much better. :) Hope this helps and it is nice to have some date twins.
  • I am a 9/11 bride, and unlike the other girls, we specifically chose that day. We wanted it to be a day of celebration, exhubration, and joy. We are doing a special 9/11 memorial at our ceremony, honoring all those who perished that day. Both FI and I served in the Army, and it was an important date to both of us. I served in Afghanistan, and it personally meant a lot to me. Instead of looking at in a negative way, we embrace the freedom and the love of our country and have chose to honor it. For us, we wanted to prove that they didn't break us and tear down our country in the way they intended. Really, we wanted to slap them in the face with marrying on this day, proving that we can and will live on!!!
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  • I'm a 9/11/10 knottie too! It was chosen because it was the only away football game in September for the college we attended & where the wedding is! I too had many friends and family tell me to make it a good day, and so we will! And I've enjoyed having my pick of vendors for awhile, but the date is becoming more popular around here now.
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