Those that had photo guestbooks

what kind of pen did you use to make sure it didn't run?

Re: Those that had photo guestbooks

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    I just used a regular blue ballpoint pen and it was fine. Hope you feel better soon!
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    Look for anything acid-free!  I have no suggestions for brands.  sawwwy.
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    I went to Michaels and got some archival quality pens. Just test to make sure they don't take forever to dry.
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    My photographer told me fine tip sharpies are best... They ended up being fine - no smears or anything.
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    BIC Mark-it Pens work well
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    I had a really pretty pen engraved with our wedding date - the whole deal.  Too bad it didn't write well on the photo guestbook paper.  Apparently a lot of guests got frustrated with that.  I wish my photographer would have told me before the day of the wedding that a fine tip sharpie was the way to go.  There was no time to go out and get one at that point.  Many guests didn't sign the book the pen didn't work.
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