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funny video- my wedding dress!

Heres a video of my bridesmaid trying to do my bustle of my dress this saturday. It was SOOO hard to figure that thing out!!! Its kinda funny, im sure u girls had the same experience http://tinyurl.com/yj6u3nz
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Re: funny video- my wedding dress!

  • hahah thats too cute.I only had one bustle so it wasnt as challenging ;)
  • Ha ha - your dress looks beautiful though. I had no idea what was going on underneath me but apparently my BM had a similar challenge. I couldn't remember if I had 4 or 5.
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  • Too funny!  Same thing happened with me... my wedding planner was trying to find my 3 tie thingies, then the BMs joined in until my MIL (who was with me at my final fitting and got schooled by the seamstress) finally found them all.
  • Ha ha! I love your dress though!!  I had 7 on my bustle, so my MOH and my HUSBAND did my bustle for me.  DH took charge over my MOH and just started doing it- kind of funny that he felt like he knew what he was doing more than she did.
  • Funny. Mine went really smoothly. One of my BM's went to my final fitting and the seamstress ran through it with her - she did great.

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  • Oh I so feel your pain! I had 6 under bustle ties and 7 over bustle loops!! I had my two sisters working on it for a while and then we had to take a break for more pictures so I just had the under bustle done and had to carry my train until we had a few more seconds to work with it. :)
  • That's a cute video.  I can't wait to see pictures of your wedding!  I hate to ask but you posted a reply on one of my blogs about Wilbur Boathouse and that's where we're having our reception! Ceremony on the beach and then to the reception at the Boathouse.  I saw that you said you had some pictures of your friends wedding and I've looked everywhere and haven't been able to find any pictures of a wedding at the site and since I'm not very good at visualizing I was wondering if you might share some of the pictures with me.  I would really appreciate it and don't worry, no hurry at all, enjoy your honeymoon!!
  • Sure can u give me ur email address and when i get back tomorrow to daytona i will send u some. I think i have a few on my myspace page and I will pull them off of there. I actually took the photos for her wedding but i think i deleted a lot of them off my comp at home. I will double check tho!
    Meet Moses, one of my many babies!
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