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September 2010 Weddings

Return Address Lables / Stickers - Weird?

So FI took it upon himself to order some return address stickers to put on our save-the-date envelopes. They just arrived today in the mail. They are very cute, but I just noticed that FI decided to put "The _______ Family" on them instead of "Ivan ________" or "Ashley ______." Is it weird to send out the Save-the-Dates with these stickers even though we are not a family yet? What are you ladies putting on your return lables for your STDs / invitations?
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Re: Return Address Lables / Stickers - Weird?

  • Hmm I am not sure. Our return addresses for our STDs went out with Linsey___ & Lars____....I think our invite mock up has the same thing.
  • I was thinking of just doing Amanda ____ & John ____. I was just going to use the clear sticky labels and print them myself. That way we can keep using them for other things.
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  • That's what I would do:  Jody_____& Dan ______.  It doesn't make sense to use a combined last name if you aren't married yet!
  • Hmmmm maybe save those lables until after you're married.  It is a little strange to send them out when the wedding hasn't happened yet.
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  • Ours are done and say Jennifer_______& Daniel)_________. We do already have ones that have our last name when we are married, but those will go on all the Thank You cards!
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  • We just used our first names so that we can use it before and after the wedding. We figured whomever we are sending invites or other mail too should know us well enough to know the last names already.
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