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My sweet proposal

The day before my FI proposed he had got the ring.  That night he was so antsy and acting super weird, I didn't think anything of it really just that he was being weird or over tired from the week.  That night we were in bed and just talking about our days at work and stuff and all of a sudden his eyes get red and tears are coming down his face. (he is NOT a crier!) So I thought I did something or said something wrong or something was wrong with his family that he wasn't telling me. I tried to get it out of him why he was crying but he wouldn't tell me. Turns out he was planning out the proposal  for the next day in his head and getting emotional about it.The night he proposed he took me to this great resturant that has excellent food and then to my FAVORITE ice cream place!!  When we got in the car after ice cream he wouldn't start the car, he just sat there taking deep breaths.  I asked him what was wrong, and then he turned to me and said the sweetest words I've ever heard come out of his mouth.... all about how much he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me and all that! Then he pulled out the ring!  Granted the proposal was in the car, (his plan was to go to a cute park close by and do it, but he said he got too nervous), but it was so cute and sweet! :)

Re: My sweet proposal

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