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Beach wedding - how to decide on venue?

My fiance is from LI, and I've always wanted a beach wedding.  The problem is, we currently live in Pittsburgh and I'm having a hard time figuring out how to narrow down a location for the venue (have only done internet research so far).  Does anyone have suggestions on places that will allow a beach ceremony, and an indoor reception (preferably with views of the water)?  He's from the Huntington area, so anything within a couples of hours driving from there is ideal.  Thanks! 

Re: Beach wedding - how to decide on venue?

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    [QUOTE]there are a few that are on the water. beach is another story. off of the top of my head in huntingtion there's coindre hall which overlooks huntington harbor. gorgeous. also harbor club (where we had our reception) is on the other side of the harbor and is fantastic. they have a lovely outside area for ceremonies too. <strong>there's one in bayville</strong> (the name escapes me at the moment) but i wasn't crazy about it and i've been to events there before-just wansn't for me but others have liked it. also-the pp before me mentioned crest hollow. that's in woodbury and it's not water front.
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    You are talking about Crescent Beach Club. I did not like it either.
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  • Oceanbleu at the West Hampton bath & tennis.
    see it and you'll book it.

  • thanks everyone.  We booked Thatched Cottage in Centerport!  Its on the harbor and has a beautiful view.  Hope the rest of the the planning goes well, as I'm doing it all from Pennsylvania
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