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In-school proposal!!

June 6, 2009:  It's a typical Friday at school. The last class of the day is 6th grade choir rehearsal in the auditorium, and it's our last rehearsal of the year. I'm stressed, because they're getting dismissed early from rehearsal to go get their yearbooks in homeroom...plus we have a performance on Monday as part of the awards assembly so I want to run through the song for that, and since it's the last rehearsal of the year I'd made brownies and we needed time to eat those before they go back to homeroom. 5 minutes into the warm-up, the guidance secretary comes in to the auditorium and informs me that there is a package in the main office that I have to go sign for immediately - the delivery guy won't leave until he gets my signature. I protest that I only have 15 more minutes in my rehearsal...can't it wait until the end of the day? She insists that it can't, I just need to run down there, and she'll watch the kids until I get back. I put on the CD with the background track on it so they can sing through the song while I'm gone, and run down to the office. When I get to the office, and there is no delivery guy standing there - just 2 dozen roses in a vase on the counter with a note that says "I can't wait to see you tonight!" The secretary smiles and says "I wanted you to get these now instead of waiting until the end of the day!" Meanwhile, I'm thinking how ridiculous it was for her to interrupt my rehearsal just to give me these roses, and it most certainly could have waited until the end of the day. But oh well. The roses are from my boyfriend, of course, and at this point I'm thinking he's definitely going to propose tonight! (We'd been talking about this for a while, and I suspected it was going to happen sometime soon.) I quickly walk back to the auditorium, roses in hand, to continue my rehearsal. I walk into the auditorium and the CD is still playing and the kids are still singing. As I walk to the front of the choir, they stop singing, and one of my students comes up to me and hands me a note that says "Say 'YES!'" Then Matt comes over, takes my hands, and gets down on one knee to propose!!! Of course, I say "yes," he kisses me, and my kids start cheering. Some of them are even crying!My students are very important to me, and my boyfriend knew that, so this was a wonderfully romantic and memorable way to propose.  I will always cherish this memory...and there are about 40 sixth graders who won't forget it either!!

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