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Indecisive about colors and theme - opinions please!

I'm getting married next year, so I have plenty of time yet but I'm trying to come to some conclusion on colors.

I have my locations set. The Candle Lit Way Chapel in Dallas Center is where the ceremony will happen, followed by a dinner reception at Fleming's in Jordon Creek Town Center. Both places have rich polished wood which give a warm glow and I'll have lots of candles in both places to enhance the glow.

Now, right now the only color requirement is that my FI wants sunflowers. That's just an accent color since I don't prefer yellow. I love pink and red and ivory. I'm sure that would be beautiful.

But, my favorite flowers are daisies and carnations. then those sunflowers (sparse). I'll do roses also and I love the idea of lots of baby's breath with other similar filler. I like the fluffy effect that it gives. (Does that make sense?)

So I guess what I'm asking for is some reassurance that I've made a good choice of colors (pink, red, ivory and some yellow).  I'm also concerned that my flowers will look like a grocery store bouquet..... roses daisies carnations baby's breath... all say budget friendly flowers of course; which is a fantastic bonus for the wedding budget.

I'm rambling now. So what do you think ladies?

Re: Indecisive about colors and theme - opinions please!

  • edited December 2011
    We decided on a fall theme, which just automatically made our colors (browns, reds, oranges, and yellows).  I do not like orange or yellow, but they are part of fall (harvested corn, pumpkins, etc.).  We also aded blue (his favorite color), and lime green.  The only specific flower I wanted was sunflowers because they're fall, and all our other flowers are just random flowers that match the colors.

    I'll be honest, the three colors sound like a weird combination, but I googled for images of flowers of those three (pink, red, yellow) colors and it surprisingly well together. Smile  (in other words, I like the combo.) It will be almost like Valentines Day colors, but with a little yellow.  If you use ivory over white (we are too), I would get a ivory dress and ivory tux shirts (if there are tuxes).

    This is just a side note from me: I've learned during my planning that it doesn't matter what others think; it only matters what you think (I've been jumped all over by others on wedding planning sites just because I want to do something that isn't considered ettiquette).  There are many weddings out there that use lots of non-traditional stuff.  I highly recommend another site to brides which is www.offbeatbride.com. There is the "Tribe" that people can join and the same idea of it is like theknot.  The cool thing is that it is just another group of people to "steal" ideas from and ask for advice; I use both sites and have found both beneficial.  I hope something I've said is of some use to you.  Happy planning!  Smile
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