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December 2009 Weddings

Ceremony order - vows, ring exchange, I Do's

So I probably should just email my officiant about this, but I thought one of you might be able to help in the mean time.

I'm trying to come up with a plan for the ceremony and can't figure out where to put the questions (do you take this man....I Do), ring exchange, and vows. We're having a non-denominational ceremony if that changes anything. I know the ring exchange can be tacked on to either the questions or vows. For example, I've seen it like "as you place this ring on FI's finger, I ask you now: do you take this man.... I Do", or I've seen it as "please place the ring on FI's finger and repeat after me: from this day forward..." for the vows. Or I've also seen it as a completely separate thing where you just say "with this ring I pledge my love.....".

What are you all doing? What do you think works the best? TIA!

Re: Ceremony order - vows, ring exchange, I Do's

  • I sent you a PM.  I have our non-denominational ceremony written up and would share it with you if you're interested.  Not sure if it'll help or not. 
  • We are having a Jewish ceremony, but here is the order:

    - Opening Remarks
    - Explanation of Huppah
    - Acknowledging different cultures
    - Marriage Blessing
    - Poem
    - Vows
    - Officiants Remarks
    - Ring Exchange
    - Unity Candle
    - Seven Blessings
    - Reading
    - Closing Prayer
    - Pronouncment ( & frist kiss)
    - Breaking the glass
  • gobluebhgobluebh
    edited December 2009
    This is the layout of our ceremony, in our program (that got completed last night!  :)  )

    We are doing the i do's first, x do you take, y, do you take.  Then, we are exchanging our vows.  We are writing our own.  Then, we are exchanging rings, and the minister will hand me the ring, and say  place the ring on his finger and I will repeat 'With this ring, I three wed or', however it goes, the norm.  Etc, you get the idea..

    And, I copied this from my program and it's in coppergate gothic, which is all caps.  So, I'm not trying to 'yell' at anyone by having all caps.  :)

    Seating of the Mothers



     Giving of the Bride

     Special Reading

    *  Exchange of Rings & Vows * 

    Family Ornament Ceremony 



     Presentation of the Couple 


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    This is the layout of our ceremony:

    - Parents' Entrance
    - Attendants' Entrance
    Parents' Vow
    Comments to the Congregation about the importance of marriage
    Scripture Reading
    Contemporary Reading
    Counsel to the Couple
    The Exchange of Vows
    The Exchange of Rings
    Mutual Vow
    Signing of Register

    I'm not what wording the pastor's using for any of it, though.

  • I don't even remember the order for ours, lol. Our officiant had a basic plan that he followed and it was what I had in mind. :)

  • This is ours - it's based on the Episcopal ceremony:


    Seating of the Mothers



    Declaration of Consent

    Ministry of the Word

                Colossians 3:12-17

                John 15:9-12

    The Marriage and Blessing of the Rings

    The Lord’s Prayer

    The Prayers of the People

    Blessing of the Marriage

    The Peace



  • Thank you so much ladies! I have a much better idea now of how I want to arrange it. I love how I can always count on you guys!
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