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is anyone doing personalized jones soda bottles for their weddings? it's kind of expensive, i guess, it's $29.99 for a 12 pack ... so it would add up pretty fast, but I was thinking about doing them for favors? anyone else thought about doing this?

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    Yes!I considered it months ago when I had a completely different idea for favors.  They weren't gonna be personalized, but we were gonna include them in goodie bags.  I love cream sodas.If you have the budget, go for it!
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    well to personalize them, since i have a small wedding, it would only be about $220 before shipping. so that's really not that bad for a small wedding, right? lol. i just didn't know if it's something other people had considered, or if anyone had done it what their experience was like. :)
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    Yeah, I'd pay $220 for personalized Jones Soda as favors, but I wouldn't add more to the favors, at least nothing else as pricey . . ?I think it's a cool idea, but it's what you think and want.
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    yeah i'd probably just make little thank you tags for them ... idk. i'm kind of excited that they're affordable lol.
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    I love them. Question....how would you keep them cold? Or would you not? More as a memento and not as a beverage?
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    Yum! I also love cream soda. I hadn't thought of this, but I might use them in our OOT bags.
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    i think this is a great favor idea!  i say do it :)
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    sara - yes more as a favor/momento than a beverage - too expensive for people to drink at the wedding lol. we'd probably put little thank you tags on them. haven't figured out details yet... but people could keep them if they want or drink them if they want. i'll probably drink it and keep the bottle lol. or my mom will take the label and tag and put it in a scrapbook.
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