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what's everyone doing this weekend?

Can it be 5 pm already? What's everyone's plans for the weekend? - tonight - monthly neighborhood happy hour at one of our neighbors houses - Saturday - working on writing my grant proposal... still. - Sunday - taking advantage of what will most likely be the last nice weekend of the year and going hiking in the N. Georgia mountains with DH and our two furkids. You??

Re: what's everyone doing this weekend?

  • Tonight DH has a meeting so I'm having a friend from college and her son over for dinner, Wii and catching up.Tomorrow our photog is coming over with more pics & for dinner (he's a close friend)Sunday is our day to unwind and de-stress. Hopefully I can get off my butt soon and get this place cleaned!

  • Tonight, we are going to run some errands.Tomorrow - grocery store, cut grass and driving range - then out for a friends birthdaySunday - writing thank you notes and the Saints game....WHO DAT!!!!
  • Tonight - Ugly Betty, dinner, homeworkTomorrow - Work, thank you's, cleaning, homeworkSunday - cleaning, thank you's, homeworkSomewhere in there, I'd like to hook up our new tv and Wii.  Also, I have to go to my hometown to pick something up and to sell items on my bio (!).
    Matt loves Munkii!!!
  • Tonight?  Probably nothing.  Maybe try to motivate FI to finish his side of the thank you notes?  Maybe keep looking into possible photo Christmas cards?Saturday?  It's supposed to be warm here, so I hope to take my dog to the park or something fun.  Maybe the zoo, since it's free. :)  There will also be a Notre Dame game in there somewhere.Sunday?  There will be a Bears game in there somewhere, but not much else.It feels so weird to have nothing going on!
  • Tonight-hopefully I will solve this accounting mystery and go home in a great mood. Then I'll relax do some laundry. Saturday-get my hair done, I'm leaving the length and going curly. Then pack and head to IL's to take care of MIL. (she had back surgery two weeks ago. Yes, she went through th entire wedding with back problems and didn't tell us cause she didn't want us to worry.) Sunday-get some thank yous written while chillin at IL's. Maybe try to make a short list of pro pics for the album.
  • This weekend for us is... Friday and Saturday* hopefully finishing putting everything away in our house so maybe we can start thinking about decorating next week.  :o) * working on our budget for when bank accounts are combined.* working on thank you notes.Sunday* church stuff (I finally get to see all our high school kids!  I've missed them!!)* planning meals for the next couple weeks for our big experimental shoppig trip (we eat pretty healthy but we're going to try to go more organic and Fair Trade which means changing the way we eat a bit since it will be more expencive that way)
  • Oh!  And going through honeymoon photos so I can get on this siggy challenge!  :o)
  • Waiting for my wedding pics.............  :(
  • I wish I could say something fun was going on but nope I have to work all weekend. We do pick up our hard copies of pictures on Saturday. Then we move in less then 2 weeks, so I am trying to get rid of things we dont need.
  • DH works all weekend until 7 so: Tonight: local hs football game. Saturday: helping a very good friend move into the house around the corner from me and DH, church bazaar, and visit SIL who just had tonsils out and is stuck in bed for a couple days, watching the Penn State game that I will DVR once DH comes home from work Sunday: making a triple layer cheesecake for a work contest, and some much needed cleaning and organizing around the house, going to visit my parents who are getting home from hawaii this weekend, and possibly going to pick up the SIL and take her home. This is definitely going to be a crazy busy weekend but I have only myself to blame.
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