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October 2009 Weddings

Photo print website?

For our wedding we bought just the negatives.  We know we will be printing out ALOT of pictures.  Who do you use?  OR What website have you heard good things about?
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Re: Photo print website?

  • Film or digital negatives?
  • I have an account with Bay Photo.  When I signed up you had to be involved in the photography industry at least part time but I think that may have changed.  They do GREAT work and have great customer service if you need help.  If you can't get in with them, I also really like Costco if you have a membership or know someone who does.  That's all I use.   
  • I have used Shutterfly for mine - it took a LOONNGGG time to upload but it was nice because my friends and family can print what they want at their local Target or have them sent to their house.  They have specials all the time so we're always getting free shipping or reduced cost on prints.
  • mpix.com also has great quality prints. i used them for my b-pics. it was fast and easy.
  • Even our photographer suggested Shutterfly. :)
  • our photographer recommends mpix. I liked their quality. you can get 19 prints if you dont want any photo correcting.
  • Our photog strongly suggested mpix.  We haven't ordered any prints yet, but it seems like they have really good prices. We're going to be getting albums from there within the next couple months.
  • I also heard good things about mpix.  We had guests upload photos to kodakgallery.  I had some printed, and the quality is good.  But I did upload a few of our professional digitals there and had them printed with the metallic paper.  They look very nice-better than just standard glossy!
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  • I'm going to order a photo book from snapfish.  It's a little more than a dollar per page with a custom hard cover, up to 150 pages, several background choices, and when you sign up for snapfish you get 20 free 4x6 prints.  I just used mine for honeymoon pictures.
  • Miller's, mpix, and WHCC are all good pro labs.Shutterfly, snapfish, Kodak, winkflash....those are all decent labs that aren't considered "pro" but still do a good job.
  • I always use Snapfish for photo prints.  I've been happy with them.  I think the per picture cost is pretty low.  I always just pay as I go.  I've never done it, but their pre-paid prints are even cheaper than the pay-as-you-go route.  Since you have a lot of pics to print, it's worth checking out.
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  • I've just started to use Mpix for my album, and the software is really amazing!  Looks very professional.
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