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At this point, I've got a long way out until I actually get married, but my FH and I are starting to look at venues and whatnot so that we can start getting an idea of what we need financially and where we can saving and cutting corners. I've got A LOT of ideas and am trying to get everything organized but it's hard when I don't exactly have a date set. We got engaged 09/08/09 and will be celebrating our 7-year anniversary 12/08/09. So, we're totally ready to get married, like, now, but since I'm a full-time master's student and I am not currently employed, it's not very plausible for us. And I can't imagine trying to plan a wedding and being in school at the same time... We are trying to set a date for 2011. Since like 95% of our guests will be coming from out of town, we wanted to do it on a long weekend, but I want to get married at the Piedmont room (Park Tavern) in downtown ATL and their prices are the same on a Sunday as they are on a Saturday for a holiday weekend. Not gonna work for us... too expensive. We haven't visited the Piedmont Room because they only do tours M-F and that doesn't work for us--my FH works M-F and I have an internship and school M-TH and can't take time off...Anyway, anyone else planning their wedding at the Piedmont Room for a Sunday wedding? Are there price differences between a May wedding and an August wedding?Has anyone used Celso's cakes? What do you think?What did you do for invites? I've been looking for inexpensive invites online, but I haven't found anything I absolutely love and I don't particularly want to make my own...Our budget is about $10,000 right now and we're thinking we are going to invite between 100-125 guests (probably the lower end). We kind of want the wedding to be downtown because a lot of our guests have never been to Atlanta and we want them to experience the city. Plus, it will be easier for those that are flying into the city... I think.

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    I live on the other side of the park from Park Tavern (Peidmont Room) and I am getting married here in midtown at the Biltmore. Our guest are mostly out of town too... 175 of them! They are staying at the Palomar which gave us a GREAT rate because we need 50 rooms. They do weddings but we didn't like the ballroom there. There are several places in the park where you can have weddings. One at the poo, one next to the lake, and I think several at the Botanical Garden... its just my guess, but I don't think any of those would work in a 10K budget. HOWEVER-- I do have an idea that could get you wedding in the city AND within that budget... a big downtown hotel. One of the girls on here had hers at the Rennisance Marriot and loved it, I looked at the Marriot Marque and the prices were very reasonable-- but for us the place was just too big and we worried about our Grandpas getting lost!!! As for invites... apparently Party City does great ones for cheap. Hope that helps a bit!!
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    I'm in the same position financially as you and your FI are - I am a full time grad student getting a masters in landscape architecture so I spend all of my time in the studio and I have no time to work, so we live on one salary. We are paying for half of our wedding ourselves. It's totally do-able. You just have to focus more on what's important to you than what everybody else wants and learn to not stress out over it. I understand not wanting to do it though, because we were originally going to wait until I graduated (in 2.5 years!!). Our wedding is around that budget but we're not in Atlanta, we're in Athens, which is cheaper...and January, so we have all sorts of off-season discounts. IMO it will take a lot of finagling the budget to get a wedding in atlanta that cheap. GL to you!
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    try Greystone at Piedmont Park or Magnolia Hall in the Park. Greystone is brand new, that's where we're getting married in February.
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    For your budget, you'll want a space that lets you bring in your own catering and preferably supply your own alcohol (or at least price per head, not by consumption).I did my STDs, invitations, and RSVPs at vista print. I got 90 of each for under $100.A hotel or outdoor space would work really well in your price range I would think. Plus, with a hotel, they will give you better rates if you combo your wedding with guest hotel rooms.HTH
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    not soo good at venue advice, but cakes, yea.....Celso is tres tres tres delicious but he gets pricey when little details add up. might not be the most budget friendly cake, as perhaps say Once Upon A Cake , but he has the best ITALIAN butter cream in AMERICA!!!! seriously even if you dont get your cake there for the wedding, treat yourself to his butttercream for another smaller occasion.
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