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October 2009 Weddings

Holidays Poll!

Just for fun, since it's Friday... 1. Are you traveling for the holidays? How did you decide who to spend your first married holiday with?2. What are you getting DH?3. Do you and DH have any holiday traditions or are you planning to start any this year?
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Re: Holidays Poll!

  • 1.  We're staying in town for T-day to spend it with my parents, but we're traveling to GA to spend Christmas with DH's family.  We did it the other way around last year.2. NO idea.  He is utterly impossible.  The best thing I can come up with so far is chocolate, but I need something else.3. No holiday traditions yet.  I'm planning to make us a matching pair of Christmas stockings, but that's it.
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  • 1. We're hosting christmas at our house this year.  EEK! :)  Whoever shows up is who we will see this year...I'm not running around for the 1st time EVER!2. We've decided to get each other a joint gift and then small gifts for each other. (Money is tight)3. No official traditions (yet) but I do want us to put up the tree together. I LOVE putting up all of the sentimental ornaments together, I think it's really special.
  • 1.  We haven't really decided what we're doing yet.  Almost all the family is in town or within a half hour so we've managed to squeeze all the family in throughout our dating life.  I'm thinking that may need to change this year.  Three Thanksgiving meals is not easy on the belly.  Half of my mom's family lives on the east coast.  I'm considering trying to use more employee nights at a hotel in NYC and just showing up for their Thanksgiving or Christmas instead of trying to make all our families here happy for both holidays.  I wish we could have everyone over, but our table only seats 6 and our place is completely maxed out at about 8-10 people.  Maybe we can do that next year.2.  NO IDEA.  My only idea right now is to suprise him with a trip since he had so much fun on our honeymoon and has been scouring the travel deals every day since we got home.  3.  We definitely need to talk about this one.  I LOVE traditions... he doesn't really but he'll put up with me.  :o)  We are going to buy a potted Christmas tree so I'm sure a tradition will come with that... either planting it after or keeping it in the pot for next year... not sure what else though.
  • 1. Are you traveling for the holidays? How did you decide who to spend your first married holiday with?  DH birthday is Christmas Eve, so we will probably spend Christmas Eve with his fam, and Christmas day with mine, depends on work schedules, nurses and store managers = no fun at the holidays.  No traveling, we are staying in town... might drive to AL to visit DH extended family, but that is always a very last minute thing.  2. What are you getting DH?I have no idea... he is really anti-gift... we said a dog for each other but we are lacking a fence at the moment, which kind of kills all dog plans.3. Do you and DH have any holiday traditions or are you planning to start any this year?We put up a Hanukkah/ Christmas tree and decorate the house.  And the normal parties for work, family and friends. 
  • 1.  It'll be the same as previous years since 1) we don't celebrate Christmas, and 2) my mom's birthday is 12/25.  So: T-day with his family, December with my family.  2.  a hug :)3.  I want to start hosting an annual NYE party.
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  • 1. Are you traveling for the holidays? How did you decide who to spend your first married holiday with?no traveling, we will spend the holidays like before with family that is in town. 2. What are you getting DH?I have no idea, maybe a car part, new coat, or clothes? 3. Do you and DH have any holiday traditions or are you planning to start any this year?I bake a breakfast casserole every christmas morning (posted recipe on fb cooking group)and a new tradition, we will throw a holiday party with friends and family in december. I love get togethers:)
  • It is our first holiday season in our new house....SO1.  We are hosting both Thanksgiving and Christmas at our house.  DHs parents and my mother coming for Thanksgiving.  Just DH, my mom, and myself for Christmas.  2.  My DH is really into building model airplanes and helicopters (he flies/races) them...BUT we are probably going to have to buy a new car asap since his "family mobile" is almost dunzo....3.We don't but I would love to start one!  I really want to open gifts wearing ugly xmas sweaters with our pjs....AND going out and cutting down our REAL xmas tree.  We are going to have our usual fake one and then get a real one....I'm excited!  Until my dog eats it or pees on it....
  • 1. Probably not traveling. I was laid off on the 16th so... yeah. Thanksgiving is actually DH's birthday, we'll probably spend that just the two of us. Haven't decided Christmas yet.2. We bought a new tv a few days go. We both paid half. That's our present to each other.3. No Holiday traditions. 3.

  • 1. We aren't 100% sure yet.. but we are thinking T-day with his family here in NY and then Christmas with my family in CT... other years we have tried to do both in one day and its just not that relaxing. 2. We don't do gifts for Christmas for each other.. instead we plan a Christmas day together.. We go cut down our tree, drink hot cocoa and decorate. Money is tight and we would rather save up for our house then give each other Christmas gifts. 3. Its not starting this year... but every year we have been together we have gotten a special ornament for the tree. This years will be particularly special cause its our first married Christmas : )
  • 1.  Our families are 99% local so we dont' have to go far.  We alternate years for Thanksgiving and easter.  This year is DH's year for Thanksgiving.  We do Christmas Eve with his fam and Christmas day with mine. 2.  DH wants a new coat and I scored a great deal on a wool one that he'll love.  Other than that, we're getting china leftovers cuz Macys isn't carrying our pattern anymore.  Boo. 3.  DH is a Christmas Queen to the nth degree.  This guy has more holiday decor than most girls I know.  I guess our holiday tradition is finding somewhere to put it all?  We do get a new ornament together every year but already bought that with our completion discount at Macys.  It isn't wrong to put Christmas ornaments on your registry just to get the % off right??  *wink*
  • 1. Are you traveling for the holidays? How did you decide who to spend your first married holiday with?  We're doing what we always do.  We live 3 hours from my family and his family is the halfway point between us and my fam.  We spend Thanksgiving Day with his family because it's a huge holiday for them and my family doesn't do much.  We spend Christmas Eve with my family because that's our big Christmas celebration, then spend Christmas Day with his family, which is their big Christmas celebration.2. What are you getting DH?  No clue.  We've been on a bit of a shopping spree since we no longer have the wedding looming over us, so we pretty much have everything we want.3. Do you and DH have any holiday traditions or are you planning to start any this year?  Like mrsnickis, we've been collecting one special Christmas ornament a year since we've started dating.  This year, we picked up an ornament from Hawaii, while we were on our HM.  We also throw an annual Thanksgiving dinner for our friends the weekend before Thanksgiving.
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  • 1. This year we are not traveling. Usually we employ the Thanksgiving at one, Christmas at the other and then the next year we switch. But this year finances and time off is depleted so we are staying put. For Thanksgiving we are driving about an hour to his uncle's house and then my family is coming stay with us for Christmas. 2. We are getting a joint present since money is low. We are getting a flat screen tv (picking it up on black friday) and that is it. I really wanted the vacuum that was on our registry, but there is no way we can afford both. 3. We are starting the tradition of cutting down our own tree this year now that we live in the mountains (in FL there were not any places to do that near us). But we always get our tree and decorate it while listening to Christmas music, and the week before Christmas we rent a different Christmas movie every night and I pretty much bake cookies all the time.
  • 1. Staying in ATL for Thanksgiving, NJ for xmas. It's easier with my school schedule. 2. DH and I aren't getting each other traditional gifts. We moved into a little old 1950's bungalow and we're buying each other granite countertops for christmas. It's the gift that keeps on giving. :) 3. I always make breakfast strombolis for christmas. And we always go to NJ. I'm hoping to start some traditions, but it seems silly to be like... "WE NEED A HOLIDAY TRADITION!" so I'll just let it happen.
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