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TTD tomorrow...and a question!

I'm so excited...my TTD session is tomorrow and the weather is AMAZING! Seriously, perfect. Its almost a month after our wedding and its almost 70 degrees, the day of our wedding was only 45 degrees! I can't wait to get some really fun shots, although I am nervous about people looking at me like I'm crazy since it will just be me and not DH or a WP or anyone. Anyone else feel like that?

Re: TTD tomorrow...and a question!

  • its ganna be fun! where are you doing your TTD session? I seem to remember a old barn? (sorry if that wasn't you.) I feel a little weird about mine too because it will just be photographer and I... but, then again I like that because I wont be talking and I think it will be bit more personal. Just think about your DH and your son:) oh and the beautiful pictures to come. Your so lucky to have 70 degree weather! I think up here in AK it will be around 37 to 40:(
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