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October 2009 Weddings

Poll: Thank you note rejects

So as I get down to the last of the thank-you notes, I'm having a hard time coming up with things to say that sound original and grateful.  I just wrote up this one, but decided it was probably best not to send it:[quote]Thank you for the lovely wine glasses.  We will feel ever so much more civilized now that we can stop drinking our wine out of the toothbrush mugs.[/quote]What daffy thank you notes did you decide not to send?

Re: Poll: Thank you note rejects

  • I sent this one... in all it's passive aggressive glory. :) It was for BIL and his GF. They are both terrible people and they threw temper tantrum the whole time we were engaged... They also pouted for the duration of our DW weekend. "Thank you so much for the chip and dip. We would love to have you over sometime soon for some chips and guacamole. Thanks for celebrating with us this past year, it meant so much to us, and it's something we will never forget."
  • No one really gave us a gift except my parents and sister. Everyone gave cash...it's hard to be creative when writing a thank you for that so we basically just thanked people for their "gift" (only not in quotations on the cards obviously) and for them coming.
  • For people that sent cash as gifts what idid was mention what i would use the money for....exthanks for the $50. We cant wait to use it to buy lots of frames to hang up all our amazing wedding photos in.... something along those lines
  • KarmasCreation, I did the same, for both cash and gift cards, only I never mentioned the actual amount.  I'd just say something like, "Thank you for your generous gift," or "Thank you for the gift card to ____," and then "We are planning to use it for ______."
  • I would love to send one to my brothers girlfriend that says: "Thank you so much for needling your way into all of the bachelor party activities and taking my brothers attention away from my husband. Thank you for not paying attention to your children so everyone else had to play babysitter. And lastly thank you for wearing a dress that was too skimpy and one size too small, you made me look all that much more classy."
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  • This is one of the funniest threads ever.  Thanks for the good morning laugh!  2dBride, if I sent your note to any of our friends and most of my family, they would be rolling on the floor laughing and happy for the smile.
  • I really wanted to send this one... Thanks for the waterpik, uncle who is a dentist. Thank you for thinking of us so much that you took something off the shelf at work to give us as a gift. Also, thanks for the hint that our teeth are dirty. :) Oh, and thanks for not putting your name on the bag and making us ask around to see who it was really from so we could send you this note. That was fun.
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