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Hey girls I need some input from you. FI and I were going to use Grow Old With You by Adam Sandler (it's from The Wedding Singer when Robbie is singing to Julia on he plane) however, I'm having a few doubts. The song only has a run time of 1 minute 22 seconds. Is that too short for a first dance song? The other songs we like are At Last by Etta James which is 3 minutes long or Ever Ever After by Carrie Underwood and that song is about 3.5 minutes. TIA for your help.

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    I think it's a cute song, and hey it's less time that you have to take up that you can use for other things.It's long enough for everyone to get pictures and if you love it....Use it!!!
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    Agree with PP.  It's a great song and I think the fact that it's short is a good thing!
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    If you want the same feel but something a little more traditional you could do When Im 64 by the Beatles. However, I think that The Adam Sandler song would be a great song to use :)
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    I have friends that got married recently and used the Adam Sandler song and it was really cute!  If you are worried about length, you can have a second song right after or invite everyone to join you for a second song.
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    I think it is a great one too. We are having a longer song and decided  to have the DJ ask people to join in after 2 minutes.
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    I would go with it. It may be short, but it will feel like forever when you're up there. People will be happy, they can eat sooner!
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    Ok I think we'll stick with the Adam Sandler song! Thanks so much for all the input!
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    That song is sweet!  I am on the fence about the length.  It WILL seem like forever and people WILL be anxious to eat, however, it's the only First Dance you'll ever have so don't be in a rush for it to be over! That said, our first dance song was over 4 minutes and it seemed like eternity.   But we didn't take dance lessons for it (like IDIOTS) and were shuffling around in circles for 4 minutes.
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    Hi there :) We just picked our first song - we are doing "With Your Love" by Journey. It's classic rock, and it's not really that well known. The lyrics are AMAZING. On this day...To be standing here with you There's no doubt...I know this love is true See my tears...Only you can understand A state of grace...I feel blessed to hold your hand There's a room in my heart and you've unlocked a door That no one's ever opened before Chorus: With your love I'm not alone In your world...I'm never far away from home A life I thought I'd never find... In your eyes I see all that I am with your love On my own...I searched for something more In your arms...The kiss I've waited for I was lost for words...To say what's in my heart Just to be close...To the beauty that you are If someone could see to the end of our lives I know they'd find me there by your side (Repeat chorus) I've walked among the lonely... Watching lovers come and go Fate finds us here as one...You are salvation to my soul (Repeat chorus) With your love With your love We are probably going to have the DJ cut out the last few repeating verses and music to make it a bit shorter, but I just love the words! Good luck!
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