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am I crazy or what??

So after much thought over the last week I've decided to quit my job. And no, I do not have another one lined up at the moment. I feel like I've lost my mind- normally I am not a quitter and I'm a very responsible and logical person. But I just couldn't take it anymore, so I quit. I had been miserable there for quite awhile and ever since I returned from our HM things have been way worse. For a long time I think I had grown "numb" to being unhappy, and the happiness I felt over our wedding and HM was a huge wake-up call to me. Now I will be busting my a$$ in the next few weeks to find something else, but I know everything will be okay. Ladies, please send some positive vibes out my way that I will find something great! Is anyone else going through something similar?

Re: am I crazy or what??

  • Definitely a scary thing to do but I totally understand the need to find happiness and fulfillment. I am trying to do that in my own life right now. It's hard to take risks and I admire those people who are willing. Good luck!
  • I totally understand where you are coming from. I am HATING graduate school. I knew I hated it before, but now without the excitement of the wedding and stuff, it's gotten a lot more painful. I get paid a stipend for my graduate program, and so if I did quit, I would need a job asap. Which is the reason why I didn't quit (DH NEED two incomes right now)... T&P for you. And if it works out for you, maybe I'll get the cohones to do it as well :)
  • I only wish that I could. Unfortunately, we need my income in order to stay financially solvent so there isn't an option for me to quit unless I have something else. I too HATE my job and am so unhappy there. I'm proud of you and wish I could do the same.
  • Good vibes your way! Good for you for making a move! I had a job I was miserable doing so I finally took a deep breath and decided to find something else. I had only been in KC a year and making my first job change was scary, but it was the best decision. I've been at my current job for 5 years. Have faith, It'll be ok!
  • Thanks ladies- I knew you'd give me some encouragement. I've been wavering between excitement, relief, and what did I just do thoughts. Here's to having the courage to live the kind of lives we want to live!
  • I did the same thing, but 2 weeks before the wedding.  Bigtime vibes going out to you.  DH and I discussed my quitting for a couple of months before I grew the set I needed to actually do it.  I had another part time job that I will be building up to fulltime, but it will not be easy in the interim.  DH keeps reminding me that we are essentially buying back some time together, along with my happiness and sanity.  I think this will be a good move for you, best of luck!
  • I think you have been feeling this way for a while then finally realized it's not worth it.  I totally understand and know how hard it is!!!  I was a social worker in FL right after college and I absolutely hated it.....I wanted to help people, but I was miserable the whole time, cried everyday, migraines....uh...So I finally quit and moved back to IL.  I now realize that was the best decision I have ever made and I have no regrets about it.  You deserve to be happy!!!  You are NOT crazy!  You are just smart enough and have the balls to quit a job you hate and allow yourself to find somethiing better instead of "sticking" with it and being unhappy.....  If you need any help looking for a job just tell me what you are looking for and I can so help you!  I have access to the career center at SWIC and have access to the job database they keep track of in the metro area.  I think you have a degree in Psychology right????  I know WashU is always hiring for "professional raters" as well as SIUE.  I am also in the Counseling Program at Lindenwood and know tons of people who are interns or know who is hiring!  Just let me know chica!!!!  Send me a message on facebook! :)
  • My good vibes out to you girl! I am in a similar situation...DH was about to get fired from his job and while I had a stable job, it couldn't support us. We made the joint decision to move so he could take a job in NC (we moved from FL) and now I am unemployed. Its scary because I had connections in FL and have none here and am essentially starting over in a field that is not booming (counseling/psychology) and trying to get in grad school at the same time. Its always scary when it comes to change but as long as you and your DH agree its the best move for both of you and you support each other, it will all work out! So far even though I haven't found a job yet, it has been a wonderful choice on our part! GL to you
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