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October 2009 Weddings

Babies...huhuhm...I mean ladies!

Hey chikitas! So a few things....Ive been gone for a while, aka my job sucks and I really have had to work...oops my bad! 1. Are any of you trying to get pregnant already? All people seem to talk to me about now is "so are you trying now" or "so when will we hear the good news" Um hello great news...I just got married!!!! 2. Is the "Nest" kinda freaking you guys out?3. Our wedding 10-9 and still no pro pics back yet...Do you guys have yours back??Thanks ladies!!!!
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Re: Babies...huhuhm...I mean ladies!

  • I should be working more.  :op  I am having a harder time concentrating this week (first week back) than my last week before the wedding.  1.  No babies on the radar for us.  We want at least a year of "us" time before we start trying.  2.  I'm actually kinda excited about the nest.  Although I am missing the planning part of things.  3.  No pro pics for me... I won't be expecting them until the end of the month.
  • 1. NO....at our reception DHs GM came up and asked when we were having babies....just got married 5 hours ago Grandma!2.  Eh I could do with out the annoying knot tv....but do not like the rude and crude gals on the nest...3.  Got a "sneak peek" today oh her blog....I'm going crazy!
  • 1. No babies for us yet! DH's bro/SIL actually just got pg, and they've been married for three years, so we're looking to go that route. Besides, I never planned to have kids before 30 anyway (I'm 28). 2. The Nest is dull. I like the excitement on the Knot boards, and I don't see it there. The Nest boards I'm visiting though are Relationships and Married Life. I'm just a lurker for now though. :) 3. Ours are back, and we're just waiting on an album now that should be in next week. Can you email/call your photog and ask for a sneak preview to start sharing w/ family?
  • 1. No way.  We are looking more at a 5-7 year plan before we start having kids.  We're only 23 and 24 and I think we have plenty of time.2. I haven't given the Nest much thought.  I like the excitement over here and haven't done a lot of lurking on the Nest.3. We haven't gotten ours back, either (10-10).  Our photographer told us 4-5 weeks, so starting tomorrow, it could be any day.
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  • No babies for us yet, although two of my friends are preggers so I definatly have the bug! We are gonna wait a while though, trying to get a house first, but DH needs a job before that :) The Nest is ok. I stay away from the national boards and my local is kinda dead (it is picking up but it's still not very active). I'll probably still linger here and on my local knot board as well :) My pro pics should be at my home by the time I get there today. The CDs of all the images, the proofs and our 16x20. But we didn't get any albums or prints other than the ones listed.
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  • Went to the nest once...got scared and left emailed my photographers and NOPE not ready yet...Cip: That is a really bad tease! I came back from work and all these people expect me to really work! Geesh! I guess my 2 weeks off was not long enough and when I came back BOOOOOM welcome back crystal and here is a butt load of things to get caught up on ASAP! I love chattin with you ladies and work has been in the way for too long...back to slacking for me!
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  • 1. We're waiting a year.  But yeah, people have already laid into us about when we're having kids.  Geez, we did JUST get married.2. Haven't been on the Nest yet.3. No pics back.  After we signed our photographer, we found out she's slooooow in getting stuff back to her clients.  So I don't expect to get them anytime soon, boo.
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  • 1. Are any of you trying to get pregnant already? Nope.  I'm too selfish right now and we're not exactly financially stable (not enough for me).  If anyone asks, they can shove it.  Personally, I really hate when people get pregnant like a week after their wedding.  It's just so obvious what they were doing on the HM.  Grosses me out.2. Is the "Nest" kinda freaking you guys out?  YES!  Why do people put their miscarriages in their siggies like it's nothing?!  Although... I do enjoy the layout of the messages boards better over there.3. Our wedding 10-9 and still no pro pics back yet...Do you guys have yours back??Yes.  We got our proofs online within 2 weeks and our digital CDs about a week or 10 days after that.
  • Ok first, amen sister.  I need some time off!1. Yes I am sick of having to tell people I already have 2 kids and we are not having any together (I have major fertility issues, went through treatments 8 years of my life....I am done, I have two beautiful daughters and I am thankful for that)...so lay off!!!!2. I do not like the nest at all.  It also irritates me how when I log in each time it automatically bumps me over there.3. Wedding 10/16 and I don't have any either....I WANT THEM NOW :)
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  • No one's seriously asked, just the moms with a "nudge, nudge, wink, wink". They would be thrilled if we did but they're taking it easy on us. I don't feel at home in the nest. It's just really different and I don't feel like I fit in over there. Bit time will tell. I got my pics back in two weeks. I need to get off my booty and post some pro ones, the ones on FB and my siggy are ones my mom snapped.
  • We're not trying yet but would like to in the next 2-3 years.The Nest does not freak me out, I've been posting on Married LIfe.3. Our wedding was 10/3 and we have no gotten pro pics yet.

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  • 1.  Well, we could try to get pregnant, but I don't think it's happening without a lot of medical intervention.  ;-)2.  I don't really understand the appeal of the Nest.  I came here to discuss the wedding.  The wedding is now over.  Aside from those people I met here whom I would like to keep in touch with, why would I want to spend time talking with strangers about home stuff?  Trust me, I'm lots more interested in my career and my hobbies than my home.3.  Ours are online, but I'm still harassing my photographer to get the disk.
  • 1. No babies for us ever!!! And thankfully everyone is aware of it. We're probably going to adopt when the time is right and that's all people need to know. 2. I haven't really gone over to the nest except for the Canada board. I am sticking with my Gothic and Oct 09 girls for now. 3. Our photographer who works with my mom said that we should have our photos by the end of next week. I can't wait!!!
  • 1. Are any of you trying to get pregnant already? All people seem to talk to me about now is "so are you trying now" or "so when will we hear the good news" Um hello great news...I just got married!!!!DEFINITELY not! I made extra sure the BC was stocked before the honeymoon :-) We got a few comments AT the wedding, and were just like... I'm sure we'll get to it... someday! 2. Is the "Nest" kinda freaking you guys out?Not really, but I've been pretty much sticking to this board and my local nest board. Now the Bump, THAT freaks me out! (see above...)3. Our wedding 10-9 and still no pro pics back yet...Do you guys have yours back??We do - and part of the reason we went with our photographer was that she promised to have them to us in 3 weeks (we got them in 10 days!) The other photographer we liked was like "well sometimes it takes me a few months..." helllll no. thanks.
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  • 1. No, we have a 5 year plan too. I've had a few moments where I really think I want to start now...but then the baby screams and I realize I'm not ready. I'm 27 but I want to be in my 30's. Hubby tells me that if we want to start talking about it after I get out of grad school (2 years) then we can. :-) 2. The nest boards do freak me out. Frankly, I'm waiting for you guys to hop over first. I only like you all. 3. Still waiting on pics too! We had some family stuff happen during the honeymoon, so I just ordered mine like mid-last week. I'm suppose to have them but the girl that did them is out of town right now. I'm DYING to see them!!!
  • 1. See ticker We are working on #3 2. I am a bumpie now, I never got into the knot 3. I got mine the week we got back from the honeymoon. I just got them on a CD though and I am ordering them myself.
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