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How many to invite?

My sister and sister-in-law are planning a shower at the end of March for my May 1 wedding, and I am curious to know what's a reasonable # of women to invite or to plan for??  I don't want to go overboard but I just have no clue what's reasonable.  We are thinking about doing just the traditional Saturday afternoon snacks/drinks, or maybe a luncheon, but I don't want it too get too fancy or complicated!!  Just to give an idea of size, I have 7 bridesmaids (including my sis and sis-in-law, so 5 other girls in addition), two aunts, and then several close family friends that we've known since I was a baby and before.  This will also be the only shower, aside from the shower at work which is in February. TIA!

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    When you shower hosts ask you for a guest list, ask them how many they are prepared to host.  It really depends on the space and their budget.
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    I am a fan of smaller intimate showers.  My Italian in-laws believe that EVERY woman they've ever known should be invited.  Well, okay, not that many, but lots.My DD's shower in June was in our backyard.  We had 20 people there and had wine, strawberry lemonade, and yummy desserts.  (It was between lunch and dinner).  We all loved it.My SIL had a shower in a hall with about 65-70 people there.  I hated it.I've always heard the adage that showers should be your dearest friends and family only.  Oh, and of course, anyone invited to the shower must be invited to the wedding.GL
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    Ask your hosts how many they are ok with inviting. Then decide a priority for who to invite like: Family -> Friends -> Family FriendsHTH
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