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Thank You Vets!

Thank you for letting me live in a safe country where I'm free to do what I want.For my dad who fought for our freedom in Vietnam as a Marine and now my baby brother, 19 years old, fighting for us to be safe in our own homes.  US Air Force stationed at Offut Air Force Base, Omaha, NE.Thank you!
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Re: Thank You Vets!

  • I agree, Thank you both veterans and current active-duty military. My dad has been in the Air Force since before I was born. Thank you!
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  • I've had family that was in previous wars, but until a couple of VERY close friends of mine (one, admittably an ex that I care deeply for as a friend) joined the military and have had multiple tours in Iraq.It's amazing to me the things that people are so willing to give up just to make sure that we are all safe here at home. You are all amazing and have my upmost respect!
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  • I have numerous family members who have served or is currently serving in the military! :) INCLUDING my 22 year old son! :) Thanks to everyone, past, present and future who continues to fight for our Country!



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  • I've never personally known a servicemen of this country but they have my utmost respect for their dedication and willingness to protect this country!
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  • Ditto that! I wished my dad a happy Vets day today too.  He also fought in Vietnam, as well as my late cousin Donald who was a Lt. Col. in the Army and made 2 trips over there. All 3 of my mom's brothers were in the military too.  Uncle Roland is retired Navy and Uncles Oliver and Chester were in the army.  Uncle Ches also fought in WWII. MOH's dad was in the Gulf War, as was my good friend Marie's dad - both in the Air Force.  And my co worker was also in the Gulf War when he was only 18 years old. I know lots of Vets!!!  In addition to them I also have a cousin Sam in Iraq right now, and my cousin Josh is down in Trinidad in the Marines right now, having been at Quantico for the last few years with limited visits home and my pregnant cousin Tasha is in the Air Force reserves.

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