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December 2010 Weddings

NYE wedding?

For those of you who are getting married on NYE, are there many vendors charging you more because of the holiday.  I am torn between having it on the 18th or having it on NYE.

Re: NYE wedding?

  • The only vendor I have right now is the reception venue. They are not charging more for NYE. In fact, I'm getting a discounted rate on the food because it is a Friday night (all of the packages are at least $5/person cheaper on Fri than Sat). I have heard that vendors increase their prices because this is such an in demand time. I would say look into some vendors first and see if they will charge extra before you make a decision. If there is no price increase definitely go with NYE because it will be sooo fun!
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  • I'm not paying any more for vendors, however, my reception venue is requiring a count of 150, which was no big deal for us. I ran into one vendor (Day of coordinator) that was going to charge more because of the day, but I simply kept looking. I think it's really all about doing good research and getting good recs from your local knotties. I would def. start calling/emailing around now though. Good luck!!! Let us know what you find out!
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  • Our reception hall is charging us $1000 more. All the other places we looked at were not charging more but we liked it the best and the food was more reasonably priced than the other places so it evened out. We are getting a discount from the dj because it is a friday night and the photographer is regular price. That is all I have booked but if you are planning NYE then you might want to start looking into things now. Since it is on a Friday this year a lot of vendors have been saying how popular the date is.
  • Man, I feel like I'm dragging... I haven't booked any definite vendors yet. But in talking to people, the biggest problem I've found is that for the places who require us to pay them for clean-up, they are concerned about maintenance staff being available that night (these are smaller places). Otherwise, price hasn't seemed to be an issue-- yet.
  • The only thing I have booked right now is the location but we weren't charged more. I am anticipating having to deal with higher rates with other vendors because of my date and the fact that it's a destination wedding but I really want a NYE wedding so I'm just going to have to make it work! I would suggest picking flowers that are "in season" so it's cheaper and definitely don't be afraid to haggle when it comes to food, etc. Unfortunately lots of vendors charge more just because it's a wedding. I'm definitely on a budget but I would say pick the day that you want the most. You can cut back in certain areas but you can't change your day! 
  • We are getting married on NYE, and only one vendor (photographer) suggested he may have a NYE surcharge.. something to the extent of "I'll do anything for the right price...."  Not going with him! :)
  • We've booked our photographer, DJ, location, and officiant so far. We are paying a bit more for our venue than they'd usually charge for a winter Friday, I believe. However, none of our other vendors have suggested an extra charge yet. Our photographer even told us while she usually charges an extra fee to stay past midnight, she'd waive it in our case due to the special occasion! If you haven't decided, I'd highly recommend NYE :)
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  • None of our vendors/potential vendors are charging us more.  A lot of the DJs we were looking at are already booked, but we had a family member volunteer to DJ (he does it as a side job, has all his own equipment, etc.)Our photographer is actually giving us a 10% discount because it is an off season wedding.
  • I am looking at booking for NYE also.  Just started looking, and the biggest issue with one place I liked was they wanted a min. of 175people for that night....I have 100 only on my guest list.  At $70 a plate, I don't want to have to skimp in other areas just to accomodate that location.  Other places are keeping their site fee in off season but upping the Food and Beverage minimum.  Most of my other vendors are friends/family so I hope I don't have any issues with surcharges but good to know when discussing it. Thanks!
  • wow, i am having problems finding places that are charging more because of NYE. one place jumped from $10,000 to $30,000!!!! crazy! 
    i am starting to get discouraged and am thinking about changing my date..
    i have been to/called about 30 venues so far, and nothing has worked out yet. any tips for venue shopping? I am from Dallas, Texas and am looking around in the Dallas, Fort Worth area...
    any idea?? 
    im starting to stress!! ahhhh!! 
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