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chocolate fountains

Is anyone doing these anymore? I figure I am having about 15-20 kids under 12 at my wedding. Figured it might be a good idea but i was looking for another suggestion?? All suggestions welcome.

Re: chocolate fountains

  • We had a dessert bar at our wedding.  It had a chocolate fountain with fruits and cookies to dip.  My guests loved it.
  • I would do it for the adults if you want it, not the kids.  Kids+melted chocolate=disaster.
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  • I LOVE chocolate fountains but they get VERY messy with children. VERY messy. I'd do a candy bar instead of the chocolate fountain since you are having kids at the wedding.
  • I don't have any other suggestions but I think a chocolate fountain could be really messy with kids.  Especially if their are in nice clothes.  Maybe run it by someone with kids and see what they think.Otherwise I think they are delicious!  People would be at it all night so be sure to have lots of stuff. 
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  • You could do a make your own sundae bar for the kids?
  • Kids+melted chocolate=huge mess
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  • I would love a chocolate fountain. Kids would too, but there will be a mess. If you're looking for an alternative, do it fondue style and that might cut down on the mess.
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    People seem to either love or hate chocolate fountains.I'm one that hates them.  They are messy and do not taste very good.  The only one I thought turned out okay had an attendant there all night.

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  • Not a fan - they're far too messy for what they're worth.
  • I had 20 kids under 12 at my wedding. It was a blast. There were brownies & cookies and ice cream at a dessert bar along with wedding cake and it worked out well. A chocolate fountain with that many kids sounds like a complete and total nightmare. And gross to boot--can you imagine them sticking their hands in there...?

  • I was thinking of it, until I realized that I didn't want a chocolate handprint on my dress at the end of the night.
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  • Ewwww chocolate fountains and kids= a germ filled mess.
  • I'm with Lynda. I'm not a huge chocolate fan. I think they're overdone too. Every wedding, holiday party or special even I've been to in the last 3 years has had a chocolate fountain.
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  • I saw one a couple of months ago with kids. It was an absolute disaster and it ruined me from even considering this because 1. kids are in fancy clothes, but also 2. kids stick their hands in, lick them, and then stick the dirty little hands back in the chocolate. Please don't do this to your other guests.
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