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What's the Process?

My FI is a baptized, raised, and observant Catholic. I was baptized, but didn't grown up in a church-going family, so I never had communion or confirmation. We've been planning our June 2010 wedding for 6 months now, and we're getting married in a Catholic church (not a full mass, though) I'm technically considered the "non-Catholic party" in the relationship. I've been thinking for a while about formally converting, but I was wondering about the process. How do you get started and how long does it usually take? Could it happen in time for our wedding? (7 months away) This is going to be a post and run, but any advice would be awesome! Thanks!

Re: What's the Process?

  • meltoinemeltoine member
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    Were you baptised Catholic or some other Christian denomination? If you were baptised Catholic, you shouldn't have a problem - you make have to make your other sacraments beforehand. You could start going to RCIA now and maybe receive them this Easter, but that depends on your parish and how many classes they require you to attend beforehand. If you were baptised in some other denomination it would basically be the same, although many parishes may give you a hard time about not having enough time between now and Easter. Either way, I would get in touch with your parish ASAP and ask about RCIA. I've sponsored two people who went through RCIA while we were in college and our priest there started the classes in October but pretty much let people join in late up until winter break. Some people I've know who go through it had to start in September, others have had to take classes for a full year or more. It really depends on the programme at your parish.
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    I'm in the same situation as you. I was baptized and am going through RCIA which started in September. I will receive communion and confirmation at Easter in April. You should call the church or the director of religious education for your community, I think they would be happy to work with you to complete it before your wedding.
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    My DH was sort of in your shoes.  He was baptized Catholic and had made his first communion, but was never confirmed and he wasn't really raised in the church.  He decided to connect with the church while we were engaged.  He went through an RCIA program and was confirmed.  I think it took maybe 4 months.  If you are really interested, talk to you church.  Scheduling depends, but often RCIA candidates make sacraments at Easter.  If your church follows that schedule, you'd probably get started around the first of the year.
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    i agree with teh others regarding the time line. the priest may be able to fast track you if he knows you are getting married in June.  but, at the same time, you shouldnt convert just to get married since you can get married without both of you being Catholic (although it doesnt sound like that is why you are converting anyway). Good luck with this process!  i think you will find it very fulfilling to share the same faith with your spouse.
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    I was baptized and I recieved my holy communtion while in grade school. Unfortunately I never was confirmed. So I recently started to taking RCIA classes to become confirmed. At the church I attend it takes about 5 months of classes and then on the night before easter I will be confirmed. If you are thinking of converting catholic look into RCIA classes.
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    Im baptised ... kyle isnt. Im not confirmed. we dont have to.. but we both decided to be confirmed catholic. Kyle is going to the same once a week class ... but he gets a 3 in 1. He gets baptized , first communion, and confirmed. I just get confirmed. the class started a month ago..and it goes until easter weekend. The saturday before easter. just in time for our wedding. We are getting married April 17th , 2010.  

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    Make an appointment to talk to the deacon, it's not as scary as you might think, haha.

    I was concerned at first because while I'm Catholic and have recieved all sacraments, my FI was never baptized, we live together, and share a son.

    It turns out that for us, My FI has to go to RCIA classes (but does not need to be baptized, he can choose whether he wants to or not) but that's the only special consideration.  Everything else is the same in our church: FOCUS test, meeting with the deacon, couple to couple pre cana type classes...

    Again, I'd just schedule your appointment and talk it out.  RCIA classes, I think, can be 9 months long or a year depending what your church does.

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