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April 2011 Weddings

Siggy VOTE

Once you read all the ideas from the Siggy Ideas post, please post your top 3. 1. 2. 3. On the 14th we'll tally them up and see our new siggy challenge. In case there's a tie, we will just pick one for this challenge and the other for the Nov 30- Dec15 challenge. Our Siggy Challenge will be begin on NOV 15th until the 30th! Can't wait to see what we can come up with!!!

Re: Siggy VOTE

  • 1.  Fav Turkey day food2.  fav drink3.  fav holiday movieThose are my 3 votes!
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  • Can someone explain to me what the Siggy Idea/Siggy challenge is all about?
  • daisy- A siggy challenge is a picture you post in your signature part of your profile. Every 2 weeks we will change the topic. On our board we are using it as a getting to know you thing. I have it as 4/11 Siggy Ch. then a picture in mine. :)
  • OK, I think I get it... But one more question, why do you have to post a picture of your answer in your signature?  Can't you just reply as a regular post?
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