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Dear Geico...

ok, not exactly a dear... post, but you get the idea... so ladies beware after you get married- DONT TELL THEM YOU GOT MARRIED they insisted i had to add my husband to my insurance, i refused since we dont drive each others cars. they told me our driving record are now linked, and when i asked if that meant that he lsoes his license if i get a DUI, they didnt really have an answer. since telling them last monday, they called TWICE within 4 days insisting that i needed to add him. when i refused again and told them i would do it after i changed my drivers license, i then got a mysterious bill for an extra $20. no explanation of why, still havent gotten a written explanation for the change in my policy cost. when i called, they told me it was because i got married. ba$tards. consequently, i will be joining DH as an amica customer.

Re: Dear Geico...

  • Eek, what a pain!
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  • YIKES. They actually did that with me too- when we bought my car... H co-signed on my loan because I was still in school and they made me insure him on the policy even though he lived in Washington, DC (a thousand miles away from me and the car we paid insurance for him to be able to drive)... Progressive is much better- we got a DISCOUNT for living together and getting married.
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  • They tried that with me when I had them- they somehow insisted they needed my ROOMMATE'S ssn.  They said because we were a part of the same household that we were linked.  Wtf?  A roommate?  I refused, of course, and they threatened to cancel my insurance.  I called their bluff and said go ahead (after they'd called me endlessly and pissed me off enough to want them to cancel me) They didn't.  I never heard from them again. 
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  • That sucks. We have allstate, and when we combined our policies, our combined amount we pay each month is only $5 higher than EACH of us was paying separately before.Actually, for a few years I would tease DH that we should get married because it gets you a discount on your car insurance. Now that our new smaller bill comes in the mail, he actually said "Wow, we should have gotten married years ago!"
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  • Yes, this is why I have put off changing my car and bike registration. In NY, they make you also change your insurance to match. DH had a DUI, but it comes off at the end of this month, so I am waiting. And, like othr ppl, we don't drive each other's vehciles.
  • They tried that with me when I had them- they somehow insisted they needed my ROOMMATE'S ssn. They said because we were a part of the same household that we were linked. Wtf? A roommate? I refused, of course, and they threatened to cancel my insurance.This is actually true of all insurance companies.  They need to have everyone in the household listed on your insurance. It doesn't necessarily mean you're paying for them to be ON your insurance...but you need to give them the names and information of all people with a drivers license living in your household.  I don't know if that's a state requirement or not...but considering I'm in MA and we don't have Geico I'm assuming it's across the board.I have Liberty Mutual and I just had to tell them the percentage of time that the other people in my house drove my vehicle...
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  • Wow. I've never heard of a company doing that. DH and I have State Farm, and we actually got a discount for letting them know we got married, and combining our policies. Sorry that happened to you...and I don't blame you for wanting to switch!
  • I have State Farm, and when I added my then-fiance, now-DH to my policy, nothing whatsoever changed - either for auto or for renter's insurance. (He almost never drives, anyway - we are both public transit commuters. But nothing changed for the renter's coverage, either.)
  • I worked for Geico several years ago, and yes, this is how they operate. They consider a married couple one entity so they only write policies with both spouses on the policy. There is really no way around that. Roomates - that's a little different, unless you were to say something stupid like "I let my roommate drive my car all the time!" or "He doesn't have his own insurance." But, now I have State Farm and they never gave us an issue when we got married, it really helped our insurance costs more than anything.
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