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What color MOB dress with black/white/yellow wedding?

I am wearing ivory, my bridesmaids are wearing Vineyard Style 1519 in onyx (black), and I hope to find some pretty black and ivory fabric for my 2 junior bridesmaids dresses and do something along the same lines as the bridesmaids. We're all carrying yellow flowers as the accent color.  Now I'm struggling with the right color for my mom's dress.  She does not want anything that is going to make her stand out (which may be hard against the sea of black).  She is tall and not tiny so she wants something muted and flattering.  Lavender would have been pretty but that is OUT as it would be too LSU.  I like a soft pink, but I'm thinking that is not what my mom had in mind.  I have had some suggestions of gray/platinum and I like that idea....just wanted to see what others come up with.  I guess my style is romantic modern, with a little vintage thrown in...

Re: What color MOB dress with black/white/yellow wedding?

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    Your mom doesn't have to blend or match or even coordinate with the WP, because she's not in the WP.She's an adult woman who has, presumably, been dressing herself for years.  The correct answer to the question about what she should wear is the one my wonderful DIL gave me when I asked the question:Me:  What do you want me to wear at the wedding.?DIL:  Whatever you feel beautiful and comfortable in.I love my DIL.My DD and I had a similar conversation when preparing for her wedding.Me:  I think I found my dress for your wedding.DD:  Cool!  Did you buy it?Me: No, I wanted you to see it first.DD:  Mom, if you love it, I don't need to see it.  Because it's what you want.You get to choose the attire for your WP.  Everyone else gets to choose their own attire. 
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    I totally agree with Trix.  Mom gets to wear the color and style of her choosing.It's great that your style is romantic modern, with a little vintage but that shouldn't affect what Mom wears at all.   Keep in mind that this is a wedding, not a football game.  If Mom wants to wear lavender, let her, it doesn't matter that, " would be too LSU."
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    I agree with PPs. I asked DD what she wished for me to wear, and she said "Mom, red looks GREAT on you, so I think you  should wear something red if you can find it.  If not, wear whatever you want, I know it will be nice."  Unless your mom has asked you for your input about color, etc., if it were me, I might not suggest anything.  It's what I did for my wedding.  I let my mom decide for herself what she wanted.
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    What they long as she feels beautiful.  It's a wedding, no one will look at just your mom's dress and think LSU.
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    since EVERYTHING goes with black...let her buy whatever she likes.
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    It sounds to me like your mom is asking for your help on this not for you to choose for her. So anything looks great with black even black. Our colors are black red and ivory. My mother has found a great black dress that she is dressing up with some nice jewelry. My FMIL is wearing a black skirt with a cream top and jacket(not sure of the jacket color).They both asked my opinion because they didn't want to clash in pictures or in general. I'm assuming that's the situation with your mom also. Just let her know that anything goes but if she wants your OK before she buys you'll be happy to help.GL!
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    What about an antique gold? You said your flowers are yellow so I think it would coordinate with your bridal party without being so bright she wouldn't feel it was screaming "look at me". Just a thought. My dress is also ivory and girls are wearing black but our bouquets are baby pink and other accent color is silver . My mom doesn't feel her skin tone works well with pink so she chose a silver dress.
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    IF she's asking you, I think the idea of platinum or another muted metalic would be striking with your colors.I asked my daughter if she had any preferances as to style and color and she sent me photos of a few.  One I loved, her not so much.  One she loved, me not so much.We went shopping together and tried both on.  She was right and the gown she loved (PIB) is what I wore.I must confess that she's been loving my clothes since she was old enough to dress me ;)  Unfortunately, all too often, she steals them back!  brat
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    I'd suggest champagne gold, or gray/metallic, they both go with almost everything you could imagine.
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    Thank you ladies, for all of the advice! Sorry to just now respond, as I forgot about this post and did not realize I had any replies until now. All of the comments about mom choosing her own dress/color are very well taken. Maybe I did give the impression it was up to me, but she and my future MIL did ask while we were shopping for the bridesmaids dresses and I guess I was just trying to be helpful so that they don't look odd in the pics. I do like some of the ideas you gave -- I'll pass them along but let both of them know it's their choice. My future MIL has told me since I posted the question she's thinking about coral, and I told her I thought it was a good idea...
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