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April 2010 Weddings

Invitation Envelopes

I'm wondering how you are all addressing your invitations. Are you doing labels? If so, what will they look like? (ie, plain labels, wrap arounds, etc) Are you handwriting them? Are you having a calligrapher do them? I'm torn about what to do. I'm afraid address labels will look cheesy unless I dress them up, and I don't know what to do to dress them up. And I really don't want to handwrite 90+ invites!
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Re: Invitation Envelopes

  • I am actually printing the addresses directly onto the envelopes in the same font as our invites. It seemed way easier than labels or handwriting.
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  • I was planning on handwriting them a few at a time but printing sounds like a great idea if it isn't that difficult to execute. I can do some calligraphy but I'm worried I'll screw up too much so I'll just neatly handwrite in cursive.
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  • I have considered doing my own calligraphy and I have even bought calligraphy stuff along with books for learning. Now I am just thinking I will print onto my envelopes in a light color using either Albemarle swash or chopin script to go back over with my calligraphy pens. I really love the idea of wrap arounds though...they are really cute!
  • We are doing calligraphy. My mom wants to take a class because both my sister and I are getting married in 2010. I don't think she will actually do it, so we will probably just hire someone from the local calligraphy club to do it.
  • My best friend and her mom are both calligraphers, so they are doing them (for free!)
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  •  I think I am handwriting because I love doing it. But I am considering printing directly on the envelope. Danielle
  • I will either use clear labels or I will print them directly onto the envelope. It seems a lot easier to me if I can use mail merge and not have to worry about ruining an envelope (and then possibly running out) than to have to run test envelopes through my printer.
  • I don't know where she got them but I was invited to a super formal wedding recently and they used gold address labels -- it looked so nice. On the flip side, AMANDA -- I used clear labels for our STD's and I think they looked like crap. Maybe I just did a bad job but I'd test a few before you decide to go this route --- they were fine for STD but I have to figure something else out for the invites
  • Good to know, thanks Rachel! I'll try a few different ones and see which I like best. What was crappy about them? Were they clear labels on white? Or did they just show up and look bad?
  • I will try to print the addresses directly onto the envelope from my computer. If that doesn't work, then I'll handwrite them ... maybe I can get my mom to help, since she has nice handwriting. My aunt does calligraphy so maybe she could do it for me. I think wrap-around labels are O.K. (FI wasn't keen on that idea), but I am not at all a fan of the other kinds of labels.
  • thanks for letting me know about the clear labels, rachel! we were considering them; perhaps i'll hunt down some sparkly silver ones or something to use instead if we can't get a calligrapher. there is this woman at work who does calligraphy for fun and i am trying to barter her services. she's to get back to me this week on a price/other negotiable option...crossing my fingers it works out!!
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  • I'm printing the address right onto the envelopes and got an image from another knottie to dress it up a bit.  Here's what they will look like:[IMG]http://i37.tinypic.com/21b10u1.png[/IMG]If you want the image (and about 4 others) let me know and I can e-mail it to you :)
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  • Melissa - Yes please :) noxonseward @ yahoo.com
  • Amanda I tried e-mailing and it came back.  Can you e-mail me:  dasmel30 @ hotmail.com
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  • We are printing straight onto the envelope as well.
  • Oh, you know... that might be because I screwed up my own e-mail address... like an idiot. Anyway, YGM!
  • We're printing right on the envelopes as well. Mostly because my handwriting is so awful! On the inner envelopes though, one of my friends and also my Grandma (who both know calligraphy) are going to write the names.
  • i've been doing calligraphy for weddings for YEARS - and now i finally get to do my own :)  personally, i think they should at least be handwritten, unless u have awful writing...
  • I'm thinking about wrap-around labels. If not those, then probably just regular labels with a really nice font. FI does not want me to have to handwrite ~150 invites, so he said we would just find nice labels and go that route.

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