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April 2010 Weddings

bachelor party

what are your groomsmen planning for your fiances bachelor party. I know kyles friends are counting on strip clubs... im not so thrilled. how do u girls feel about this?

Re: bachelor party

  • FI and I agreed very early on there would be no naked people involved in either of our parties. His brother (the best man) reluctantly agreed eventually. I just think it's pointless, and FI's never been to a strip club and doesn't really have a strong desire to go. I think the plan for the boys now is to go white-water rafting in West Virginia. It's sort of a mid-point for FI and the groomsmen, since FI is in OH, and groomsmen are in NY, MD, MO, OH, and Germany.
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  • FI's nephew is a fairly new dad with a wavering job and a wife whose job has already been lost.  He flat out told Mike he can't afford to give him a bachelor party, which is fine; he doesn't want one.  We're having a joint party at a hall with karaoke and cheap drinks.  Before that I am having a Pure Romance party then dinner with all the ladies.  FSIL is griping about it because she wants a stripper but oh well...
  • Knowing the guys - They'll be ordering chicken wings and playing video games for 6 hours. Hopefully they will do something more fun - But I know they won't go to the strip club, they aren't like that.
  • I told FI that I do not feel comfortable with strippers, kind of scares me, but I'm not his mother and he can do what he wants.  He told me he was talking to his BM and told him no strippers.  I'm thinking it is gonna be low key with a few bottles of wiskey!
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  • I would rather my FI not have strippers or be at a strip club, because I know what can go on at those things.  But, I want him to have a great time.  This will only happen once.  So, if he just feels the need to do this, he can, but hopefully he'll do something way better. Danielle
  • So far nothing has actually been "planned", they've talked about going to Vegas but who knows if that'd actually materialize. I made it clear long ago that I am not a fan of the strip club idea, and FI doesn't feel the need to do that so I am thankful for that. If your FI and friends do the strip club thing and you're not comfortable with it, look at it this way-he is committing the rest of his life to YOU and he's probably only going b/c his friends want to!
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  • I have heard that the guys are going to kidnap FI and take him to Shiner, TX for the weekend. One thing they will do is tour the Shiner Brewery.
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  • We decided to have a Jack & Jill instead of batchelor/batchelorette parties and also in lieu of a traditional bridal shower. We would rather hang out with all of our friends together then be uncomfortable with what eachothers friends plan seperatly. We also don't need a lot of stuff for our house so if people feel the need to give us a gift before the wedding they an just bring it to the Jack & Jill.
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  • They are planning on going to the strip club. I don't really want a bachelorette party, but I'm going to need to be blitzed to keep my mind off of all the other fake tits that are going to be in his face. I just hope he doesn't come home with a wet nose... That actually happened to a friend of mine - he went to the strip club and the stripper bent over and rubbed her chatch right in his face and he got vag juices on his nose. Nice, right?! Ever so classy. I made a deal with the groomsmen - they can have a stripper as long as FI doesn't touch anything that opens as that is how things are spread. I was reluctant, but thought it was fair. Besides, it's not like he hasn't been there before..
  • hahahaha oh Amanda your post is cracking me up. My FI did his bachelor party way early b/c all his friends were planning a trip to Miami, so they just made that bach party weekend. They went to the strip club and I kind of had the same rule as Amanda. There was a bit of *motorboating* going on (that word cracks me up) and that's it - and I can handle that. My thoughts on strip clubs are this - both my sister and my bff FORBID their FI's from going to the strip club, and guess what? They did it anyway. Not b/c they're bad people, but because their groomsman got them drunk and convinced them. My sister found out about it and everything was fine, but my BFF still doesn't know that happened. Do you want to start your marriage that way??? I don't, so I was like just GO but be good!!! I trust my FI 110% and know that he was honest with me about what happened there.
  • I have told my FI he can do whatever him wants - I trust that he won't do something that I wouldn't condone. However, he has told me - and his best man in front of me - that he has zero interest in going to a strip club. He just wants to go to a good steak restaurant in NYC and then go to a bar and get blitzed on scotch. His best man owns a couple bars in the city so I'm guessing they'll end up at one of those. If he did want to go to a strip bar, I wouldn't stop him. I would just try not to think about it that night :)
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  • Atlantic City and Montreal are two ideas that I've heard them throwing around. The idea of a strip club doesn't bother me because I trust FI and I know he wouldn't do anything inappropriate. Plus he thinks strippers are gross anyway, so it'd probably be a "look but don't touch" situation if they end up going to one.
  • I don't know for sure....but the idea was thrown around of them going to Boston over St. Patricks Day weekend. I guess I'm in the minority here, but I don't really care if he goes to a strip club. I trust my FI 100% and I also trust his friends, they wouldn't lead him to anything stupid. My opinion on strip clubs is pretty neutral. If that's what floats your boat...fine. I know at the end of the day, my FI loves me and he's not going to do anything to jeopardize that and he certinly isn't going to run off or cheat on me with a stripper. I guess I just don't understand why some girls get SO upset over it that they end up in huge fights....is it really worth it??  And yes, I realize this will probably rub some people the wrong way.
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  • My FI and his friends are going to Lake Tahoe. They are going to ski and gamble...and drink a lot. I wouldn't be surprised if one night they went to a strip club. If they did, I know that my FI would be doing it for his friends, he thinks they are kind of gross. I won't forbid him from going, I have been to a party with a stripper, so it would be kind of hypocritical.
  • I think they might be going paintballing and then probably a trip to the strip club.  The strip club doesn't bother me because I've been there several times with FI.
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  • My opinion on strip clubs is pretty neutral. If that's what floats your boat...fine. I know at the end of the day, my FI loves me and he's not going to do anything to jeopardize that and he certinly isn't going to run off or cheat on me with a stripper. I guess I just don't understand why some girls get SO upset over it that they end up in huge fights....is it really worth it?? I agree with you. Plus, among our own circle of friends and acquaintances, I've found that the men with the really naggy and insecure wives are the men who are the most "into" strip clubs. It's usually the guy whose wife is calling every five minutes to check up on him, and/or the guy who had to lie to his wife about where he was going because she'd flip if she knew he was at a strip club.But that's kind of a "chicken or the egg" situation ... does the guy enjoy strip clubs to that degree because his wife constantly nags him and doesn't trust him? Or does the wife nag and distrust her husband because she knows that he does crap like that? *shrug*
  • ugh, yeah we had a pretty bad run in with his buddy when he was the best man BUT had nothing to do with the 2AM strippers that showed up to HIS BUDDIES HOUSE (i know i know yeah yeah sure he didn't but we have a very open relationship and there was zero mention beforehand as they had already planned on spending a fair shake on F1 racing and party bus) soooooooooo he knows how i feel, however some of his "men" do like the dirty girls, so i've been vocal with the "ring on counter" senerio to his friends more so than him. i feel like its sooooo disrespectful to us when guys encourage the "groom" to behave badly! lol, but i agree as well, i will need to be preeeeetty banged up that night... hehe
  • i've advised the fi that it's not a real bachelor party if i don't see photos the next day of him running down the street in his boxers. i'm just sayin'...the fi has told me personally that he doesn't want to be involved with a stripper. having said that, if it's up to his brother/bm, they'll be going or there will be one that shows up. he isn't a huge fan of the idea, but i doubt he'll say no and bail out of his own bachelor party.i know we all trust our fi's, but it should also be noted that most (i say "most" because there are those select few) strippers aren't interested in really getting down the pants of our men. they're interested in money and doing their job. so while they're shaking their ta-ta's in your fi's face, know they're doing it because he's about to give them a buck...not because she wants to go out back and do a five dollar sucky sucky.
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  • hahahahaha thanks jeni for putting that into perspective!
  • I"m not a huge fan of strip clubs and really, my FI has never seemed to amazed by them either.  In his opinion, why pay tons of money to see something you can't touch?Him and the guys are probably going to play a game of golf, then tour this brewary downtown that includes all you can drink beer for like 4 hours after the tour.  After they are all completely plastered (with his 18 yr. old bro the DD of course) I'm sure they will find something rediculous to get into, they always do....
  • Hahahahahhaa OMG Amanda you just totally grossed me out right before lunch!!!!  lol I'm especially LOL-ing at the word "chatch."  :-O
  • I'm not sure what his buddies have planned but I'm pretty sure strip clubs will be a part of it. I really don't see the big deal, so I have no problem with it.
  • I have no clue.  I don't even know if they're planning anything.  I'm hoping his brother/best man gets on that and starts planning because he will do something way more mellow than the crazy party his other groomsmen would try for.  FI doesn't want strippers, but I know he'd love a night of doing something fun with the guys.
  • My fiance is going to Snow Mass for a weekend ski trip. Originally, they were going to New Orleans, but since that is where i am going for my Bachelorette, I am happy they moved it. I wouldn't be surprised if they can find a strip club, they will go. I told him i would rather know after the fact so I don't think too much about it.
  • I don't really care about a strip club or anything like that. I trust him and know that he wouldn't do anything crazy or stupid. But right now, I think there is going to be a combined party with everybody. We both have a ton of different groups of friends and a combined party would be easier.
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