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*sigh* Need motivation.

Hi girls, So I have a problem.  I really, really, really want a better body, and I know that I'm not going to be able to get one without a rigorous exercise regiment.  The problem is, as much as I want to look better, I don't have the energy or interest in working out.  I've never been an athletic person, though I worked out a lot in College.  (It's so damn convenient having the fitness center in the same building as your dorm.)  I also was a varsity swimmer in high school.... but varsity swimming at my high school required little more than showing up for practice every day.  Now I'm to a place where my body just won't loose weight.  (We're talking 3 years of trying different diets, going to the gym and seeing doctors.)  After all that failure, I just can't motivate myself to work out, ya know? What's the point? Do any of you have any thoughts? I want to want to work out, but it just ain't happening.

Re: *sigh* Need motivation.

  • Oh, I know how ya feel - DH says I won't work out unless he's with me. However, I don't really diet any more and I basically eat what I want. The trick... portion size and exercise. I can eat pizza every weekend as long as I work out consistently during the week. I have to cut out french fries and sodas - all that salt/sodium in your diet just makes you bloated. If you can get in the gym and hit the elliptical for say 10-15 minutes followed by about 15-20 minutes of weight training, you're on the right track.You can pay as little as $10 a month for a no frills gym membership. Other gyms offer classes which can be fun, just get a work out buddy. I used to go that route, but I was paying closer to $50 a month. Just make it part of your routine. For me, it's work, then workout, then home. You can do it!
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  • I read somewhere that it is actually better for you to do light to moderate exercise than strenuous exercise... Just because when people bust their butts to work out, they feel like they can eat more junk, which speaking from myself, I know is true. So at least to start, I would recommend doing the little things. Like a 30 minute walk or something. Start taking the stairs instead of elevators. Try hiking on the weekends. Start small, and it WILL start making you feel better and will make you want to work out. You shouldn't have do "do a diet" just think about the things you eat and when you're eating. Start at the house level. Don't buy foods that are high in fat, carbs or calories. Keep healthy snacks in the house like fruits, veggies, and nuts. I usually have Clif bars in my purse if we're going out for the day so if I get STARVING I eat something with more nutritional value than most things we would stop for. Limit the amount you go out to eat because 1. you don't know how they cook it, but chances are its worse for you than you would make yourself and 2. the portions are usually HUGE! Or when you do go out to eat, look for the healthy options... salads, chicken without sauces, etc. From what I understand, it is a balance between diet and exercise, but it's easier to get off track by eating crap as opposed to straying from the gym. It's a process, and every little decision counts for something. Good luck. And keep me posted!
  • No motivation? I understand, I'm the queen of lazy.The Point? Healthy heart, more confidence, more energy...It's hard, especially since a free fitness center isn't at your disposal.  But I agree, start putting it in your routine.  It will be hard at first, but stick with it!  I always work better and get things done faster when I have a routine and a To-Do list.  Start making some little changes (one less soda a day, more water, cut out snacks after 7pm...) and then start walking in the evening with hubby or on your lunch break at work.  Oh!  Try something other than the treadmill like boxing or Zumba; it's not the usual gym or workout tape, so something new and exciting can help motivate you to go each class.What about a knot work out buddy?  We can hold each other accountable for the time we spend working out.  We can check in once a week and tell each other our workout routines and time spent being active.  We'll call it "Knockout Knotties" :)
  • Personally, I find I keep up with exercise best if I bicycle.  That way, I can see right away that I'm accomplishing something (e.g., I made it to the grocery store), rather than being dependent on long-term results for motivation.
  • Do you like to dance???  I do Zumba and Hip Hop aerobics and sweat my butt off!  And it's fun....I go to Gold's but if you don't want to join a gym, I would look into the community centers or if you live near a community college....I know ours offers community classes that are not for credit and they have exercise classes and dance.
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