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Reception Locations/Photographer

Hey all!

I know this has been a topic on here before, but I'm looking to see if anyone has any new ideas. I am looking for a budget friendly reception site that will allow me to bring in my own caterer.

1. Do you know of any places besides The Lodge at Strawberry Acres and The Franciscan Center? I'm having my ceremony in Perrysburg, so I'm looking for something in that area. We will have about 150 guests.

2. If so, do you have an idea of the rental price?

3. Do you have the contact info for these places? (If you have an email address I would appreciate it, as my job makes it difficult to call around during regular office hours. )

PS- Anyone know of any freelance photographers?


Re: Reception Locations/Photographer

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    My cousin to be is getting married in August at St. George's Hall in Rossford off of 75?? I hear it's great -- very nice inside... Not your typical "hall."  I'm pretty sure you can bring your own alcohol (I think?)...
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    Thanks for the info! Do you have any idea how much St. George costs?
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    I'm not exactly sure of the cost but I think there was a pp a couple of months ago from a bride who is getting married there... She had some good information about the hall... If I find it, I will give you the date it was posted  :o)
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    Well, the Franciscan Center isn't really near Perrysburg so I thought I'd throw these out.  All these places let you bring in your own caterer:

    St Clement's Hall on Tremainsville
    Knights of Columbus on Secor
    American Legion on Byrne
    Conn Weissenberger on Alexis

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    I'm using the Monclova Community Center. It is 500 with a 150 deposit.

    Here is the website:

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    This is another place in Sylvania: The Community Hall at Olander Park. It costs $550 on the weekends. You bring in all your own catering & alcohol. The website is:
    There are pictures and even a list of currently available rental dates.
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    I used Neiderhouser Hall (the hall the PP is talking about) @ Olander.  It's free for your guests to come in.  Just tell them they are with the Smith/Marks wedding.

    Cheap and really beautiful inside.  We had a great time...but there is no air...FYI so if you're like me..and get married in July...mistake...haha

    If you want to see more photos page me on the nest and I'll open up my shutterfly for you.
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