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October 2009 Weddings

Anyone else bummed with pics?

I had been so excited to check out the pics - finally got a sneak peek last night. A few are beautiful, but in most I am making a weird face or standing funny. Wish someone would have told me! Is that unusual - for many to look odd, and only a few great ones? Did anyone else not feel as excited about the pics as they had hoped? Here's hoping the rest look better!

Re: Anyone else bummed with pics?

  • theres a few formals i wasnt thrilled about cause we were standing on a bit of a hillbut for hte most part i was happy with my photographer cause she was very direct with me telling me push your chin out (so you dont get that waddle lol) and how to place my head hands etc so i  wasnt looking weird in a photo
  • Like I mentioned in my post earlier today, I give my pics a B+.  We were hoping for OUTSTANDING, but we're glad we have enough to put into an album. The ratio of good:bad pics, I guess, depends on the photographer, the subject, timing, etc.  I don't know that there's an expected ratio.Maybe you could do a TTD session to get better pics?
  • ive done a few weddings and to get those REALLY good shots, u gotta take like 50-100 before a GREAT one comes up...and they have to be pretty diverse because if you just take 100 of the same photo, if you dont like that photo or setting then you are screwed lol In my photography classes we were required to take almost 5 rolls of film a week and then at the end of the week we were to display only 2 of the best photos, so that just shows how hard it can be sometimes!
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  • For formals, the photographer should be able to pose you just right.  However, for ones taken during the ceremony or candids, the photographer has to take a lot of photos to be sure of getting a few good ones.  If you have at least some that you really like, that's probably as good as you are going to do.
  • The only ones I'm bummed about are the entire group shots or a few of the shots that were meant to be creative.Our photographer told my girls to work it, and they looked confused. In the picture, I'm the only one looking sassy. And it could have been a cute pic. Oh well.
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  • Ashely-same thing with us! All my girls are like striking a pose but still smiling, and I've got this sassy look so I look stuupid! Haha! I think that in all the photos they got during speeches, dances, etc my face looks really bad, and I totally hate that, so I know exactly what you are saying! I think maybe we just aren't used to seeing ourselves look like that, so maybe to other people it doesn't look weird, but to us it does?
  • The only reason I was bummed was because I remember photos being taken that we don't have. Our photographer said that there were lot that we could have on a CD if we wanted them but someone is either blinking or moving. When I first looked through our album I was delighted, then sad that those pics I remember were not there, then happy again once I looked at the CD we did get and there's pictures on there that were not in the album...does that make sense?
  • I don't LOVE the straight-on ones of me because it looks like I don't have hair, haha... I tried to be concious of that and turn my head a little so most of them are fine, but there are a few bad ones (I think).  Luckily, my photographer took so many (over 1500!) that I have plenty to choose from!
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  • I am for the most part happy with the ones we do have (aside from some weird candids where I am talking or making a crazy face...) but I am upset with the ones we didn't have taken...I am really disappointed in my photographer - I have no full body shots of me in my dress and only two formals of me and DH (well there are like five of each but its the same picture, she just snapped a bunch)...I am trying REALLY hard to let it go and am saving up to do a "day after" session with someone else
  • Our pics came out beautifully. The only thing I'm disappointed about is that we have only 1 pose with just DH and I. It was my fault, we were going to go to a park and take photos but the weather was sketchy so I decided we should just go straight to the reception. I guess I thought we could do them a little later, and then we started partying and it never happened.Luckily, there are some really good shots of us dancing/talking to people so we have others, just sad we have only that one formal shot of the two of us, especially after seeing some of you ladies photos!
  • Ok, I don't feel so alone now! I am bummed because like you mentioned, a lot of the formal shots are a million of one pose - and not a good pose at that. What bothers me the most though is that I cannot find a single shot in which both DH and I have our eyes open/look even remotely human. I had asked for the bulk of the pics to be candid - and we only have a few of those and none of them have both of us. Hopefully more will post and there will be a few with both of us...even just one to frame would be great :-) Thanks for making me feel better girls!
  • oh yeah! was majorly bummed about my pics. even cried some over them.   like some of the pp i am totally happy with most of the ones we do have...i am bummed about the ones we don't have.  hardly any of just me and dh.  like if we are to submit our wedding to the local newspaper...there are none of us together smiling and looking at the camera :(  going for a "day after/ttd" session on satuday! i so cannot wait.  dh and i went back and forth about whether we wanted to rent another tux and all but we decided just to go for it. i am happy we are.   
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