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anyone else not care for 'the bump'

So I have lurked on the 'getting pregnant' board on the bump and I'm afraid to even post anything. A lot of responses to posts on there are negative and down right mean. Wow... I don't think I will be joining over there. There is parents connect . com that seems to be a friendly site with friendly boards, even tho a tad slow...
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Re: anyone else not care for 'the bump'

  • :)  I think the general consensus is that the Oct 09 board is the nicest and best, and the rest have rude/catty tendencies.  I agree, though, the Bumpies are a bit intense, and I think that stems from everyone wanting to be good moms (and everyone thinking they're the expert on parenting...lol).
  • I haven't actually been on thebump because I've heard its snarky. I just stick to the nest, my local board mostly talks about prenancy and babies, so I feel like I can get any info I need from them.
  • I don't care to go over there either. babycenter.com is good and there are lots and lots of groups with great advice. on facebook I use the app mommyhood.
  • When I was pregnant I went over to the bump and I really didnt like it so I went to what to expect website and the women there are really nice.
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  • I love the bump! You have to lurk for a while to get the feel of each group.
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