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October 2009 Weddings

Poll: The best & worst

Now that we are all married... what was your most favorite part of your wedding day?  What was your least favorite part?I'll go...Favorite Part: The ceremony- it was such a spiritual experience for me and my DH.Least Favorite Part: Taking photos.  We were both really frustrated with her because she took 20 pics in one pose.  I felt like saying something but I didn't.  I regret not speaking up.Your turn...
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Re: Poll: The best & worst

  • Fav- Dancing at the end of the night, Fi and I danced the WHOLE time and it was so good to have all my friends having such a good time Least Fav- My mom in charge of taking me to the church and we get in her car and the gas light comes on. I was SOOO mad cause thats all she had to handle was getting me there, so we had to stop for gas, which made me like 5 min late for pics, but I threw a fit lol
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  • Least Fav- Our ceremony had to be moved indoors even though it was a beautiful day. :( Still a great place- in a vintage theater, just not what I had been imagining all those months Fav Part: Paws, the Detroit Tigers mascot, came! Great surprise set up by my dad. :) We also had a faygo float station which was super cute and yummy!
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  • Favorite: Every moment after the pics (before the ceremony).  It was like a release to just mingle, dance the night away, and have a great time.  I danced like 95% of the time, and I had so much fun. Least Favorite: Every moment prior to getting my dress on and leaving the house. I didn't feel nervous, but all I could eat was saltines and water, otherwise I was sure I would puke (this was the day before as well). Once I put the dress on and we left, that all went away, and I was able to enjoy every moment.
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  • oh...and DH had to fight back tears during our ceremony. He got my BM's crying, and secretly, I loved it! :)
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  • Fav: The last dance--I finally got a hold of DH and we danced--just me him and the kids. It was Eddie Money's "Take Me Home Tonight" Least: The rain pretty much ruined every plan I had--outdoor ceremony, before ceremony pictures. It would have made for beautiful pictures.
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  • Favorite Part- seeing DH for the first time when walking into the church, I also really loved getting to have our first dance, we just looked into each others eyes and had a great time Least Favorite Part-Being really rushed to get to the church on time to get photos taken before the guys arrived, I just felt like I didn't have enough time to breath.
  • Fav- Was seeing DH for the first time. Least- Photographer not taking enough of pics of me and DH and def not enough pics of me and my bridesmaids. He got great shots of the GM, but my bM and me. Not to mention there were 3 photographers, so they should have. GRR
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  • Favorite Part: Seeing each other for the first time all dressed up. I saw DH in his tux after we picked it up, but both dressed up it was amazing! (and it was hard for us both to hold back tears)Least Favorite Part: People not showing up who said that morning and the day before they would be there. Guess what those people still have not said a word about why they didn't come. Or even say sorry...
  • Favorite: Seeing everyone have a good time at the reception (knowing money didn't go to waste)Least Favorite: My intl family trying to take over and keeping the band over and throwing everything off schedule without asking me or DH first (this cost us extra$)
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  • Favorite: The toasts! We had the best toasts, from my Dad who gave DH a hard time in his, From DHs dad who accidentally made it sound like he thought DH was gay before bringing me home (lol), from my sister who bawled along with me through her whole speech, and DHs best man who had a really random speech. I also loved the slideshow we put together, of each of us growing up and then us as a couple. Least Favorite: Feeling rushed. I felt like the whole day was a blur and I realize now looking back that I honestly have no idea how I came off to people because I just wasn't paying enough attention, like my mind was two steps ahead of my body. I regret not just calming down and taking it all in.
  • Fav: seeing DH for the first time... such a private and sentimental moment for us...I'll never forget it!Least Fav: Not being able to slow down and enjoy eating (I had only 2 of the 6 hors deuvres and didn't get to try the cake at all).  I was so concerned about making sure we got to every table that I definitely felt a bit pressured and rushed.
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  • Most Favorite: This may be a cop-out answer, but the joy of the day.  Seeing that glow in my DH's eyes... Dancing and meaning it.  Tears of happiness.  Seeing my dad and uncle tear up at the sight of me in my dress.... All the laughter and love. Least Favorite: Everything leading up to me arriving at the park for pictures and seeing my DH for the first time.  Ten thousand people calling me, wanting information that I clearly posted on the website, and more importantly, that they could get an answer to from my parents, or my siblings, or DH's family, or pretty much ANYONE ELSE.  I seriously got no less than two dozen phone calls between 7:30 and 8:30am, just when I was trying to sit down to get my hair done.  I almost threw my phone out the window. :)
  • Fav Part: Seeing the look on everyones face once we told them it was not only a Halloween party but also a wedding. Also taking our pro pics was a lot of fun even though MIL complained her way through it. Least Fav: The Mr was supposed to run some last minute errands while I was getting my make up done and for whatever reason he didn't. We rushed through them and I hit my parents house at 230 and we got our pics taken at 3. I had half an hour to get my hair done, dress and jewelry on and get to our photo location...maybe that's the reason I forgot my shoes and got all my pictures done wearing my converse :S
  • Fav Part- I really don't think I can pick one specific thing.   Just basically being with our awesome friends and family all day and having an absolute blast.  Everything came out better than I imagined & we had a great day!Least Fav Part- Probably the fact that my photog didn't get any pix of DH & I up in front of the church and not many outside either.  I was sort of rushing to get pix done but now with I hadn't.  But I did expect him to get a lot more pix.  I regret not making a list of fun pix I wanted.  The pix I did get are good, its just the ones I didn't get!
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  • Favorite Part: the entire ceremony. It was perfect and all I could focus on was DH. Least Favorite Parts: Being rushed through pictures by our coordinator (it was cold and she was worried people would start leaving even before we were announced), our meal together...our caterer brought the food up too early and it was cold.
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  • FAV:  The entire ceremony was amazing.  From my Aunt singing to our vows.  We high fived each other after we said our vows.  And then our Pastor high fived us both, it was hilarious. :)LEAST:  The fact that my underwear kept falling down....craziness.  Then when I took a bite of my food and had a long black hair in my mouth.....UH!
  • OOOOOOH my god cipolla i woulda barfed right there...holy crap. Thats like my worst nightmare, i cant stand hair in my food, GAHHHHH it made me sick just thinkin of it lol
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  • Favorite Part: Mike crying during the ceremony, our niece taking her flower girl job so seriously, how beautiful my bridesmaids looked.Least Favorite Part: the salon I went to, had to have everything re-done when I got back to the house, feeling rushed the whole day, not getting enough professional pictures, I wish I had hired our photographer for more hours, not having music for half the reception.  
  • OOOOOOH it took everything in me not to puke.....it was like hanging out of my mouth....AHHHHH just thinking about it makes me want to puke.  Thanksfully only my MOH heard me react/curse/dry heave......ya.....good times..... :)
  • :::puke puke::: if that happened to me i wouldnt be able to eat anything else the rest of the night, did u complain?!! Ugh!!!!!!!! When I was little my mom bit into a McDonalds apple pie once and there was a HUGE black hair baked inside the pie and she just kept pulling and pulling it out of her mouth, it was like freakin 2 ft long. She ran downstairs and threw up and she was sick for like 2 days over it. I will never forget that!! She wont eat from mcdonalds anymore either lol
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  • Gross!!!!  Oh ya I couldn't eat anything after that.....teribble.....the food was good up until that though.... :)
  • Favorites:  Too many - all our friends in the bridal party who never met before all partying together in NOLA and facebooking and otherwise keeping in touch with each other afterward; everyone smiling and laughing and having a great time during our second line and reception; the toasts - FIL gave a really sweet yet humorous one and made me feel so welcomed into their family, then we saw my youngest brother and DH's sister approach the mic.  Neither of them are very mushy or into speaking before groups, but they gave these surprise "freestyle toasts" as they called them.  I about fell over from shock as SIL said I was the sister she always wanted, and laughed as my brother (Army Infantryman) told DH "I have a particular set of skills - be good to my sister and don't make me use them."  Our food (oh yes, I ate!) was amazing, too.Least Favorite - my shoes started to really suck and my crinoline started slipping down towards the end of our second line parade. That truly sucked.  We also had an uncalled-for run-in with another couple's wedding planner, but that was kinda funny even as it happened.  I was so glad we didn't hire her, she was quite the piece of work. 
  • Fav: DH hamming it up during the ceremony - hassling the officiant about not incuding "obey" and ofering me a handshake rather than a kiss at the end - hilarious, everyone loved it! Also, seeing friends who came in from all over the place - people on leave, a few of folks from colorado, arizona, ohio. It was great to just enjoy all of us being together. Least Fav - People not helping to set up (or showing up 2 hours late)who had committed to do so which lead to much frustration and no enjoyment of the "before the wedding" hours. Didn't get to hang in the bridal suite, but a lot of other folks did! Never thought I'd be hauling talbes in my veil!
  • Favorite Part: Being surrounded by people who loved us, at both the ceremony and the reception.  When I was worrying over whether the food, decorations, etc. were going to work out for the reception, someone told me, "These are your friends.  If you told them that the only entertainment was sitting on a blanket and celebrating your marriage, they would all still want to come."  I really felt like that was true.Least Favorite Part:  The hair and make-up person got caught in traffic, and was half an hour late, which meant we were half an hour late to our own wedding.  I hate keeping people waiting.
  • Favorite: Our ceremony was so perfect and special. Also having all of our friends and family there with us to celebrate...it was so much fun and there was so much happiness and love every whereLeast Favorite: MY VENDORS! I felt like no one was doing their job and I was being pulled in so many directions that I couldn't visit with my guests like I wanted to. Every time I would start talking to someone, my DJ or photographer or someone would come up and ask me a question. I felt like none of them had a clue what they were supposed to be doing...like they had never done a wedding before -sheesh
  • Favorite:  Our first look- it was so nice to have that time with just my husband being all to ourselves.  They were photogs there but they stayed back and just let us have that time to talk and be with each other.  It was really nice and serene.  Partying and dancing throughout the reception was nice too :-) Least: The couple hours before the ceremony where everyone is calling to ask about what time does it start, i think a bouquet is missing, etc.  Also, we were supposed to be able to attend our cocktail hour since we did pics for 2 hours before the ceremony but they still did pics after, so we only got to go for all of 5 minutes and missed out on yummy food and talking to people then.
  • Fave Part:  I think my favorite part of our wedding was feeling "on top of the world" all day long.  In the morning and getting ready, I felt so blessed to have my best friends around me. Then when we took our "first look" & pre-ceremony pics I seriously felt like a rock star. During our ceremony and at dinner I just remember this "glow" of love and happiness all around us. And of course dancing we just had a blast!Least Fave Part:  Running behind schedule. I HATE being late and a couple things set off a domino effect that affected everything else. We started the ceremony a little late to wait for guests who were MIA and then they didn't even show up anyways. And then there was the bride rudely hogging the bridge in Lafayette Park, so we were 45 mins late to the reception. This caused our dinner to start late, and then we didn't have as much dancing time so we had to extend our reception a bit. Not a huge deal, but I wasn't happy about it.
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