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Need Advice Please!

FI and I have been looking for a caterer for MONTHS. Everyone has been wanting to charge an arm and a leg because we have 250 guests and want a customized menu. We've actually just received a quote for $15,000 for 250 people. which includes a 2 hour cocktail, plated dinner, and bar service (the alcohol is byo) plus 13 waiters, 2 cleaners, & 2 bartenders. This is going to sound ridiculous, but is this a good price? With the economy the way it is and keeping in mind the # of guests + the customized menu, can we do better? I'm terrible at haggling and don't want to waste my time if we are getting a good deal....
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Re: Need Advice Please!

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    That's $60 a person, all inclusive. For Los Angeles, I think that's great.Does that include tax and gratuity or not? Even if it doesn't, I still think it's great. I'm still paying more than that per person, but only for 75 people.
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    $60 per person is not bad, especially for table service at dinner. This is dinner, yes? $15,000 is a lot but that is due to the guest count. You probably could get a better price IF you switched to a buffet OR you could invite less people.
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    I have to agree that $60 a person for a plated dinner and cocktail is great for LA. And the fact that they will let you byo alcohol is nice too. That in itself will save you a ton, since other places can charge A LOT when they provide the alcohol.What exactly is your customized menu though? Just out of curiosity. If it's filet and salmon, than you're really getting a deal. If it's chicken, then I still think it's reasonable (for LA), but not the best deal ever. However, since it's customized, you're obviously getting something you like/want so that's always a plus.
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    Thanks ladies. I guess $60 per person isn't too bad. I just asked the caterer if she could do the menu for $12,000 instead of $15,000 and she agreed. So now its about $50pp. (i can't beleieve i successfully haggled!) The price is not including tax & grat, but I still feel like its a deal. The menu we created represents both his culture, Indian, and my culture, African American, so although the items are not steak and lobster, the ability for one caterer to cook Indian food and Soul food is challenging enough to hike up any price. It will be like: Cajun Catfish, Chicken Tikka Masala, Red Beans & Rice, Channa Batura, Collard Greens, Vegetable Curry, etc.... very weird menu, but we've eaten them all before and they go AMAZINGLY well together :)
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