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Is this song OK to enter to for my ceremony?

I really love the new Rascal Flatt's song, "I Won't Let Go" and I'd love to enter to this song and walk down the aisle to it.  I haven't gotten a lot of positive feedback from my mom or friends about it, though, and I was looking for a little bit more feedback about it.  What do you think?

Re: Is this song OK to enter to for my ceremony?

  • I'm thinking "God Gave Me You" by David Barnes.  The intro part...I just love it. I don't really want to walk in with traditional music...
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  • I was thinking of using Marry Me by Train as well. I really love most of the song and it won't take long to walk the aisle. Should the bridal party walk to the same song and then pause it before the chorus for me to walk down? If they were to walk down to another song I don't know what is should be either and it might be a weird transition.
  • Stacy, darling you need to do what you want!  It's a beautiful song and you deserve to incoporate it anyway you want to
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