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Step-mother of the Groom

My fiance doesn't like his stepmother (at all!) and he doesn't want to include her any part of the wedding. And I mean any part. He doesn't even want to list her as a parent in the program.

I don't really know what to do. She is definitely awful but I don't want to blatantly insult her. Is it okay to just list his actual biological parents as parents?

Re: Step-mother of the Groom

  • I did not list my stepfather on my program.  He is only 4 years older than me so I never thought of him as a "stepfather."  I did get a bout for him and included him in one or two family pictures though.  But he wasn't a part of the official wedding party so I did not feel the need to list him.  Maybe others will have a different opinion.
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    Who does he see as his parents?  I think it's okay to list them just out of formality.  DH's best friend has pretty much zero relationship with his dad (even referred to him by his first name in his toast at his wedding), but they still listed him and his wife in the program.

    Edit: I also think it's okay to leave them off.  My only hesitiation would be if it's something your FFIL would see as a slap and cut off his relationship with your FI.



  • I dont think there is a problem with leaving her off. I would list his actual parents if thats who he wants on there. The groom usually has very few requests so I would try and honor this one, since it seems pretty important to him that she has nothing to do with the wedding.
  • i agree with professorscience's hesitation.  but only your FI knows if this would cause some rift between him and his dad or if his step-mom would take offense.  if it would really cause drama, i would think long & hard about it and decide if it's really worth it.  but at the end of the day, it should be his call, i think.
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