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April 2012 Weddings

Crossing off some of those last minute checks!

Now that we're down to the final 29 days (AHHH!) everything left is just last minute checks! Today we ordered the flower girl dress since the one we were going to use is too small now. Caught the cake topper & serving set on sale on TK, so we're getting both for about $25! My MOH has one of those picture frame guestbooks that she got for her wedding but never used so she's bringing it to me, as well as her card box. Now to just finish up our vows, finish the seating chart, and complete our song selections for the DJ and we should be GOOD TO GO!! I will be so ridiculously happy when all this planning is done and I can just be married! 

How are you ladies coming along with the last minute details?

Re: Crossing off some of those last minute checks!

  • Don't even ask LOL I know there's really not too much left to do, but somehow in my mind there's 654165408718106 things to do. My florist is paid in full. I have to tweak my seating chart, the DJ is mailing me the forms for the songs lists so we can have a phone meeting, I have to finish centerpieces, but that won't take too long. Then I have to pay everyone, and I think that's pretty much it. See? Doesn't seem like alot, but I still feel completely stressed out.
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  • pattib5pattib5 member
    edited March 2012
    I feel like there is still so much left to do!

    - buy the lemonade for the bar. We bought all the other alcohol and mixers way in advance, but I didn't think the lemonade would keep longer than a week or so
    - buy my FMIL's bottle of liquor since she's a picky drinker and won't drink the beer, wine, vodka, whisky we'll have at the bar haha (and she paid for the bar, so I'd feel bad if there was nothing at the bar she'd care to drink!)
    - make sure my MOH actually buys her dress (!!)
    - get my final dress fittings - and pay for them
    - send my final numbers off to the caterer
    - make the seating chart
    - send guest names off to the stationer for place cards and seating arrangement chart
    - finalize all the other reception stationary
    - buy a candle for the memorial candle
    - finalize our song selections for the DJ
    - finish the welcome bags
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  • I made a to-do list of last minute stuff this morning and then wondered how early is too early to start drinking. lol.  Just kidding, kind of.

    -write out seating chart on giant chalkboard
    -one last trip to Michaels to buy the last little decorative odds and ends
    -find some comfy reception flats since FI hates the ones I bought and literally laughs his a$$ off everytime I try them on (they really aren't very comfy anyways so I can justify new shoes)
    -buy wine and champagne
    -finish song selections for DJ
    -finalize day of time line and distribute
    -wrap WP gifts and write cards to them
    -find a RD dress
    -Make table signs for the 2 added tables
    -meet with cake baker to hand off our cake topper and ribbon that's being used in the cake.
    -pack bags for the night before the wedding, the day of the wedding, and for the wedding night.

    Oof!  It could be worse I guess.
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  • pattib5pattib5 member
    edited March 2012
    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_april-2012-weddings_crossing-off-some-of-those-last-minute-checks?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20Club%20BoardsForum:05427f07-4ba2-44d6-9271-99a7af1ee5c0Discussion:eeeed4e6-7978-47bb-bf6e-604b10f614dbPost:bcca5a64-88b2-40d3-9dda-735cb92eae53">Re: Crossing off some of those last minute checks!</a>:
    -finalize day of time line and distribute
    -wrap WP gifts and write cards to them
    -pack bags for the night before the wedding, the day of the wedding, and for the wedding night.
    Posted by blgrout[/QUOTE]
    Oh man, I forgot these! Add these to my list, too!
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  • We're the 28th and I feel like we still have a million things to do! We're meeting with the DJ next week to go over everything and I think we've finally gotten our hair stuff figured out. We still have to finalize the seating chart, print the programs and escort cards, finish the cake toppers, finish a bunch of thank-you notes... I'm not even sure what else! This is going to be one BUSY month.
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  • Wow all of you girls are at 4 weeks- I'm at 2! Getting nervous/anxious/excited all at once! I just completed the programs and escort cards, paid venue, cake, and caterer today, just have to:
    - buy guest book (I dont know why but Ive been putting this off)
    - buy wedding cake topper (same as above)
    - have phone conference with DJ
    - get rest and try to relax :)

    Good luck everyone!!
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  • I'm at 2 weeks as well - well 3 until the wedding, but 2 until we leave for Florida.  We're done w/ most of the wedding stuff except my final fitting is this week and I have to pick up the dress next week.  Other than that - we both have to pack for the wedding week (prior) and honeymoon and, get our marriage license in Florida (once we get there)!  :)

    I really need to RELAX!!

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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_april-2012-weddings_crossing-off-some-of-those-last-minute-checks?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20Club%20BoardsForum:05427f07-4ba2-44d6-9271-99a7af1ee5c0Discussion:eeeed4e6-7978-47bb-bf6e-604b10f614dbPost:62f5b5e0-b22c-4580-9f9a-5e6bc9442953">Re: Crossing off some of those last minute checks!</a>:
    [QUOTE]We're the 28th Posted by klingonpixie[/QUOTE]

    </div><div>Us too! I know it's just little things left, but it's still very overwhelming! I remember feeling like I had all the time in the world and this day would never get here, but now it's so close and I feel like I'm going to have an anxiety attack just thinking out it!</div>
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