gel nails?

Does anyone know where to get the new OPI gel nail polish put on your nails?  Its not like acrylics, in that no fake nail gets put on top of your own nail, rather, it is a hard polish that goes directly on your nail and is hardened with UV light.  Its a relatively new product from OPI. 

My future Aunt had it done in Cleveland and her nails looked amazing, and the color stays on for 3+ weeks with no chipping. 

Anyone know who does this in the Cincinnati area?

Re: gel nails?

  • rschuckmanrschuckman member
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    I think the Venetian Nail Salon & Spa in Mason (Deerfield Towne Center) does!  You may want to call them.  513-770-0799
  • meggo81meggo81 member
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    Identity Salon in Kenwood does it...I think Avalon in Hyde Park does as well. 
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    Thanks Meggo! Those are closer to me than Mason.

  • kelklumpkelklump member
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    Check out Nailtique in Mt Lookout as well. They do soemthing like this. I use acrylics but my good friend used it and it looked great. Warning - dont think of it as acrylics. She tried to open a box at her baby shower and it chipped off. Not as durable as acrylic but if you have stronger nails, you wont need to worry.
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    I don't think Nailtique does the OPI brand; I walked by there earlier this week and it didn't look like they have it.

    Right; gel nails aren't acrylic, its more like a longer lasting nailpolish.  My nailpolish ALWAYS chips one or two days after getting a manicure, so gel is probably better for me.

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