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July 2010 Weddings

and this is me making a mountain out of a mole hill...

Make-up.  Hair.  Bridesmaids.  Oh my!

Let me preface this post by saying I have been a bridesmaid and MOH many times... so I completely empathize with the financial plight of the wedding party.

I found, after an exhaustive search, a make-up artist and hair stylist for my wedding.  I have bargained, bartered, and finalized a $60. fee for hair for the bridesmaids, and $60. fee for make-up for bridesmaids.  The stylist and make-up artist are both FANSTASTIC at what they do, and worth the money.

I want to give my 4 bridesmaids, as part of their gifts, getting their hair or make-up done, but can't afford to pay for them to get both done. 

Any suggestions about how to communicate this to them?  My wedding party is made up of my 3 best friends and my sister (and best friend), but any time money comes into play, it's bound to get a little awkward.


Re: and this is me making a mountain out of a mole hill...

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    Well, if you're not paying for it, you can't require them to get it done.  However, what you can say is:

    "Hey ladies - I have a fantastic hairstylist and makeup artist who will be doing my hair and makeup for the wedding.  I'd love to treat you to getting something done - whether it's hair or makeup, that's completely your choice.  Just let me know what you'll be getting done.  If you'd like to get both done, let me know, and the cost will be $60 for either appointment."

    I know that's probably NOT what you want to hear, but other than the dress, anything you want them to wear/get done YOU pay for, and is NOT a gift, as you are requiring it be done. 

    ETA: I told my OOT girls (2 of them) where I'm getting my hair done and asked them if they'd like an appointment.  One of them said yes, the other has short hair and said no.  I will eventually ask them if they want to get their nails done when I go to get mine done, but I'm not forcing them if they don't want to.
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  • I agree with Saisong, I would just let them know that you will be paying for one service and if they want the other service done they will have to pay for it.
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  • akardasakardas member
    I had the same issue.  So I decided that I would pay for their hair (if they wanted it done), and if they choose to get their make up done then they would pay for it.  

    Ironically one of my BM said that she didn't want to me pay for her hair because that is too big of a gift! haha! Go figure! To bad I am paying for it :) 
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  • LabrnrLabrnr member
    60 each bm for hair, and an additional 60 for each bm for makeup?

    Is this right or did I mis read?
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  • The title reminded me of Kelly from Real Housewives of New York.
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    [QUOTE]60 each bm for hair, and an additional 60 for each bm for makeup? Is this right or did I mis read?
    Posted by Labrnr[/QUOTE]

    yup.  which sounded high to me too, but is a pretty standard going rate in new england.  believe you me I shopped around!
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    saisongbird, I am literally copying and pasting part of your suggested wording into an e-mail... your suggestion made total sense, and was well said! TY!

    and labmr, if wedding planning has made me into a real housewife of bravo, I'd totally rather be kelly than ramona!  :)
  • I am paying for bridesmaids hair and let them know I had a makeup artist coming that if they wanted to get their makeup done they could, but they would be paying for that. It's not an obligation though, their choice.
  • Honestly, I wouldn't give a choice of hair or make up.  I'd pay for their hair.  Most girls can do their own make up but hair is difficult. Tell them you are excited that you found a wonderful hairstylist and you'd like to pay for them to get their hair done.  I think it's a very nice gesture.  
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