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So which way should the address go?

I haven't actually printed my invites, and still thought it might be a good afternoon to work on addressing. My envelopes are large rectangular. I would address them running long-ways, just like an overgrown business envelope?

I have no idea why I can't just make a decision. I'm just staring at them - two laid out in differing directions!
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Re: So which way should the address go?

  • Yes, just address them with the address going the long way on the envelope.
  • Thanks...After a while it isn't looking QUITE so large - I guess I rarely address an envelope, and it just seemed odd. I needed some encouragement, here I go!
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  • Yes, leave the envelope landscape style.  That is the way that the post office processes them.  If you start messing around with your addressing then they will take longer to be processed and are more likely to get lost.

  • Quite often, they will charge you extra if you address them in the other direction. I know the case is true for #10 Policy envelopes. They accept regular postage if addressed like a standard #10, but the postage practicly doubles if you run your address parallel to the flap.(short edge)
  • I never dreamt they could charge extra. That is interesting, and good to know. and naomikb - you used the word I could NOT surface! Landscape! Yes, that is what I did
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