Did your hair/makeup last all day?

I'm looking to book someone for hair/makeup and I'm concerned about both lasting throughout the first look, ceremony, and reception.  It's a long day!  Any thoughts, suggestions?

Re: Did your hair/makeup last all day?

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    Have someone remind you about your lipstick/gloss. That's really the only thing that I see have a drastic change.
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    Ditto mwitter.  Use quality eye makeup (this is the time to go for the eyelid primer and quality product).

    And make sure you re-apply the lipstick (and check your teeth in a mirror!).
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    i've heard that airbrush makeup lasts all day, even on hot days--def go for that!
    agree with PP--and i'm sure your stylist will have some secrets as well!
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  • fluttaby32fluttaby32 member
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    thanks for posting this- I was wondering the same thing!
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    Haha, I have a funny story about this (but my answer is DEFINITELY YES and you'll see why)...

    I got married on the RAINIEST weekend in June...I got my hair and makeup (airbrushed) done around 9:00am on the 11th and was done by 12:00pm.  Wedding at 5:00pm, over at 9:30pm, home to finish packing for honeymoon flight which was at 5:45am on the 12th in Providence (so we would need to be there at 3:30am, leave our house around 1:30am to get there)...

    Luckily I wasn't outside in any direct downpours throughout the day so that helped I'm sure, but we did have a chance to go outside for outdoor pictures when the rain let up (but it was still misty).

    But when we got home (about 11:30pm) after the wedding to finish packing and take stock of our cards/gifts so we could deposit the cash & checks at a 24-hour ATM on our way to the airport, our power went out at about 12:00am (midnight).  So I could not shower or wash my face without power (water pump does not work without electricity) before leaving for the honeymoon.  So basically I was forced to travel the entire day after my wedding in my wedding updo and wedding makeup.

    We got to Aruba around 2:00pm on the 12th, so my hair and makeup held up over 24 hours!!! Smile (with the exception of lip gloss, which always need to be reapplied!  Be sure to buy a tube of whatever you decide to use with your stylist and keep it with you on the day of if you are concerned about it)
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    Mine definitely lasted all day without any issues at all. Larissa gave me this little bag with everything I would need for touch-ups but I didn't even need to use it!
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    Mine lasted all day. I would definitely recommend airbrushed make up. I balled like a baby and still looked perfect ;-)
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    Good question....
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    Thanks for all the responses!  Sooooooooooo good to hear!  I feel much better about paying for professional hair and makeup knowing it will hold up well.

    Karebear - love the story!  Super cute.
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